TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Make red roasted chicken last all week

Chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger, also known as the Too Hot Tamales, visit TODAY’s kitchen to demonstrate how to prepare red roasted chicken and transform it into meals that will last you the rest of the week.

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>>> through five nights of meals with the two hot tomales.

>> we're starting off with a red roasted chicken and transforming it into four additional meals to cover the rest of the week. the chefs and co-owners of border grill restaurants in l.a. so popular. good to see you.

>> best truck in l.a.

>> thank you.

>> willie's seal of approval. let's launch into this chicken .

>> okay.

>> everybody needs another chicken , roasted chicken recipe instead of that same lemon --

>> absolutely. i've made that a thousand times.

>> we're going to do one with vinegar and paprika.

>> okay.

>> got it.

>> paprika in there.

>> that's okay. whoa.

>> it's spicy.

>> spicy night.

>> i guess so.

>> and i'm going to --

>> wow.

>> my apologies because i thought it was premeasured.

>> we like that.

>> now i've made this incredibly spicy.

>> it'll be perfect.

>> that's perfect.

>> all right. thank you.

>> and get that garlic. garlic in there. want to put it all over that.

>> all right.

>> lather it all around.

>> slather it over.

>> all over.

>> and probably a couple of hours or so in the refrigerator.

>> even overnight it's okay.

>> in the morning.

>> into the skillet now?

>> and browning it on all sides. just a nice little browning.

>> we were both raving about cast irons, i have one i love. you love cooking with cast irons.

>> this is great. now we're going to make a pan sauce . you can make real easy. throw onions in, caramelize them.

>> tomatoes in.

>> beautiful.

>> seasoning every layer. salter and pepper.

>> butter in there.

>> the whole thing?

>> yeah.

>> cajun style?

>> cajun style.

>> overindulgence, thank you. this has to cook a little bit and we put the chicken back on top and put it in the oven like that.

>> it's going to get the juices from the chicken and they're going to cook down and make this great sauce you can use all week for all these different dishes.

>> all right.

>> that looks beautiful.

>> once that chicken is roasted and comes off, then here we have.

>> what's the tip to browning it? i love how brown -- looks like --

>> we're going to first brown it in the pan, right? and then throw it in a hot oven. and that gets crispy like that.

>> and gets golden like that and take this left over sauce. and if it's too thick, you add a little bit of water to it. and put like that. what we love to do is take this chicken , roast it like on a monday and then -- hey, move down, willie. that's monday.

>> monday. what's tuesday?

>> tuesday, you take your sauce, throw in a little bit of cream cheese, tortilla chips , chicken .

>> garnish with chips and avocados.

>> nice.

>> and this.

>> there we have the pasta, which we take some of the leftover sauce and chicken and, again, we take lots of black kale, garlic, saute in olive oil .

>> okay.

>> little toasted bread crumbs on top.

>> look at that.

>> how good is that?

>> delicious.

>> you all right?

>> this is a chicken salad made with chipotle.

>> and you're taking the chicken , are you using the sauce, as well?

>> no, just the chicken .

>> often have the breast meat and that's good for chicken salad .

>> chicken , apples, we make a mayonnaise with smokey chile, and we take the tomato sauce and puree it.

>> tomato soup left over with that chickeny flavor.

>> thank you. by the way, you can check out for the recipes. i don't normally eat --

>> "today" on nbc.

>>> we want to thank al and kathie lee out in l.a. for sobering up just long enough.

>> really.

>> you think you've heard everything from kathie lee and al, you have not. hope you