TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

‘Big Bang’ star on ‘SNL’: ‘I’m not that guy’

Actor Jim Parsons guest-hosted “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend and performed a satirical song, “I’m Not That Guy,” guest-starring  impersonators of Jason Alexander and Bill Cosby.

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>>> up. al, still party hopping in los angeles after the oscars along with kathie lee . how are you holding up there, guys?

>> oh. i think the party's over.

>> it's over?

>> they look like it.

>> he ate a trough full of bacon.

>> i tell you, i'm, yeah, i am in a pork coma right now.

>> pork coma. i think bacon might --

>> nothing like a little grease.

>> might be the king of hangover food. a wise choice.

>> soaks up what's in ya, that's for sure.

>>> meanwhile, across the street on saturday night, snl hosted by jim parsons . in the opening monologue, he broke into song to remind people he's really nothing like his nerdy scientist character on "the big bang theory ." joined by other cast members, he calls it, "i'm not that guy."

>> i'm a well-adjusted man, not a star trek super fan . i'm not that guy. i'm not that guy i am much more than that geek who is on your screen 12 times a week but it's not just me you know jason alexander did you know he won a tony because he can sing and dance

>> i'm not that guy.

>> bill cosby on the cosby show . there's the real bill cosby and he likes sweaters even more.