TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Oscar highlights: Pink’s tribute, Ellen’s selfie

Fandango’s Dave Karger and InStyle magazine’s Kahlana Barfield join TODAY to chat about their favorite moments from the Oscars, including noteworthy styles and touching tributes.

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>> speeches, all the night's work for oscar nominees, presenters and winners.

>> that's right. and here with memorable moments with the looks that caught everybody's eye. dave carter , and install beauty director colona barfield. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> was it a great oscars , what was it?

>> it worked for me. i know ellen degeneres has gotten mixed reviews, but i love her fun and friendly vibe. a lot of musical performances. not only youtube and pharrell, i thought pink doing that tribute to wizard of oz was really great. it had a lot more life than some oscar shows do. too many montages, though.

>> al had a good point, which was. what about the in memoriam segment, having bette singing it while the going on. one of the few you had during the evening.

>> the only one, actually.

>> what did you think?

>> i thought it was amazing. i had a good time and thought there was so many people who looked gorgeous.

>> who was your favorite?

>> i'm going to say charlize theron .

>> really?

>> i thought she was gorgeous. wearing an amazing dior dress with an interesting plunging neckline, a train that was --

>> she's so statuesque.

>> i do know one thing, dave carter , this was an oscars where the front runners seemed to prevail.

>> people like me talking about how close a lot of the main races are. and i think they were close. but the people who we thought were going to win, won. jared leto , matthew mcconaughey , lupita. even though she was expected, felt so exciting.

>> yes.

>> it was close between her and jennifer lawrence . and i could tell even jennifer lawrence wanted lupita to win.

>> everyone was trying. there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

>> for me, the only surprise was when best original screen play was for her. which is a very, very original type of movie, something never seen before. but that caused a bit of a stir.

>> well, because it beat " american hustle ," " american hustle " went 0 for 10, one of the biggest shutouts. the turning point in "color purple," only five movies have gotten double digit nominations and lost everything.

>> how about "wolf of wall street ."

>> meanwhile, "gravity," 7 for 10. great night for gravity.

>> everybody, we've all had moments, you're on camera, had these moments. but john travolta 's flub of the name.

>> you said it great. ended up saying adel nazib.

>> let's take a listen here.

>> "frozen," please welcome the wickedly talented one and only --

>> i thought, oh, my gosh, i wonder if she got sick and her understudy had to come on.

>> if you think of it. it's all the letters of her name are in there. it's an anagram. and now there's twitter handles of adel nazim out there. it's genius.

>> here's one of the things i noticed. dave, for example, wearing the blue tuxedo. there were a lot of blue tuxedos on the carpet.

>> there were so many that were amazing. you were right on trend.

>> i thought jared leto looked amazing. he had the white jacket and the red bow tie and, of course, wins the award for best hair.

>> he and matthew said they did not discuss ahead of time, but they looked like they had gotten thrust together.

>> yeah.

>> how about pharrell's shorts.

>> you know what -- i honestly love he takes risks for the grammy's, it was the hat, for the oscars , the shorts and came with his wife and they were in matching tuxedos.

>> i think it was because of the torrential rain. everywhere you went were puddles. very smart of him. who was your absolute favorite? for me, i think it was camilla alvez.

>> she was gorgeous. amazing. i have to put lupita in there just because she wears color so wear. and she's so poised and graceful. everything worked.

>> we all agree.