TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

TODAY anchors reveal their top Oscar moments

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall chat about their favorite Oscar moments, including Ellen DeGeneres’ record-breaking selfie. “This just totally destroyed that record,” says Willie, referring to the previous retweet record, held by a photo of the president and first lady. “So Ellen owns Twitter,” Tamron jokes.

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>> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, march 3rd , 2014 , i'm willie geist along with natalie and tamron, al is out in los angeles now on day three of his three-day hollywood bender.

>> bender?

>> i saw him grinding up on hollywood stars . did you see some of that?

>> i did. i saw pictures in the tabloids.

>> we're going to catch up with al and kathie lee .

>> this is not right. sitting by the fire.

>> having a little chat.

>> they will blame the bender on me.

>> we practice with each other first and then --

>> oh, okay.

>> he's the one that went to the parties, not me. that was mr. al.

>> it ain't a party until kathie lee and al are on the scene. we'll see what happens.

>> we're going to catch up with you guys in a minute. last night, of course, was the 86th academy awards . best picture went to "12 years a slave." we've got to start with the selfie heard around the world and retweeted around the world. if you haven't seen it yet, ellen , the show's host gathered a bunch of a-listers for an impromptu selfie, saying she wants to break the record for the number of re-tweets. if you look in this picture, it's incredible. jared leto , i think he got cut out.

>> bradley cooper 's holing it, jennifer lawrence , meryl streep , kevin spacey , angelina jolie . lupita and her brother.

>> what you don't see is liza minnelli in the very back.

>> couldn't get up there. ellen got her wish. this thing now we just checked has been re-tweeted 2.5 million times.

>> that's amazing.

>> incredible.

>> and what picture did it beat? the president and the first lady?

>> the reelection.

>> and that was like 750,000. this just totally destroyed that.

>> ellen owns twitter.

>> she does now.

>> the person who owns the picture, i have to say is lupita's brother.

>> oh.

>> how did he get in the picture? it is like the quintessential sibling. here's your big moment and your little brother 's like, oh, wait, they want to take a celebrity picture. he's in the front of the picture and you see it there. but as you pointed out, natalie , liza minnelli . he's carrying her purse and her scarf.

>> i'm blocking you out. look at the face.

>> doesn't he look just like lupita? my goodness.

>> it's spectacular. i love he's a-list, top of the bunch and lupita's brother is there. also, she told the story why she picked that color blue. and she said it reminded her of nairobi . and dubbed it nairobi blue. and i cannot wait until opi and every other person in the clothing and beauty world come up with nairobi blue. that's going to be a hot color. it's beautiful.

>> i've never seen her on the red carpet and not had my breath taken away.

>> isn't it amazing?

>> stunning woman. beyond being as talented as she is.

>> the thing is, she's able to wear these beautiful colors and when you think about someone who is the best dressed, you say, listen, can you put that dress on six other women and it would look good. if the answer is yes, then that's not a spectacular moment. you want the dress that only looks good on that person or a few people. and that applies to her. but the other moment --

>> look at her body. it's incredible. amazing.

>> gorgeous.

>> another amazing moment i love, ellen , my girl, ordering pizza for the audience.

>> good move. nice pander move.

>> pander?

>> well, you know --

>> at that point, they'd been starving for two weeks.

>> it's like a pizza or burger.

>> what is it? in n out?

>> after the oscars, there they are with the pizza there.

>> i think we had ellen now the pizza's there, who's paying for this thing?

>> i don't have any money. who here has -- sandy? sandy, you have money. you've got a lot of money, you can tip him, right? where's harvey weinstein . harvey. no pressure, only a billion people watching , whatever you feel is right.

>> made that pizza guy 's night, right? he's on the oscar telecast.

>> another moment, kerry washington due any day now this spring. she's among those. look at her.

>> go ahead, kerry.

>> martin scorsese grabbed a sle slice live.

>> i loved matthew mcconaughey . he did something if you like the movie "dazed and confused" you will pick up on. watch this clip.

>> whatever it is we look up to, look forward to and whoever it is we're chasing to that i say amen. to that i say, all right, all right, all right. and that i say, just keep living. thank you.

>> all right, all right, all right.

>> that made me leap to my feet.

>> come on. that was the first movie he was in 1993 . a great callback.

>> and love he dedicated it to his father whom he lost.

>> and what a run. best actor . matthew mcconaughey is doing it right. i also love this moment. darlene love , the singer/actress. she got a standing ovation when she burst into song while she was accepting the best documentary feature for "20 feet from stardom." a documentary about backup singers. she's in the film. here she is getting the award. i sing because i'm happy i sing because i'm free and his eye is on the sparrow and i know he watches me

>> how do you top that acceptance speech?

>> we didn't see it there, but the theater ripped up into a standing ovation .

>> they went to church. they went to church in the oscars.

>> they did. sure did.

>> how about you, natalie ?

>> i loved sporting actors, acceptance speeches. jared leto , talking about his mom and what an incredible support she's been throughout his career. take a look.

>> she -- was a high school dropout , and a single mom , but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children. that girl is my mother and she's here tonight. i love you, mom. thank you for teaching me to dream.

>> it was an incredible speech. thank goodness they didn't wrap him because he had some amazing points. he talked also about the problems going on in ukraine, throughout the world. even though they're there for the oscar moment, there are real issues happening around the world.

>> i'll be superficial, he's awfully cute. his mother is beautiful. ellen said, the most beautiful person of the night.

>> lupita's acceptance speech was phenomenal, of course. and she talked about how she knows, you know, this winning this, of course, comes on the shoulders of so many that have suffered. listen to what she had to say.

>> when i look down on this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child , no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid. thank you.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> brought to tears watching those acceptance speeches. and of course, there were the jennifer lawrence moments. she's great.

>> did she fall again?

>> oh, yes.

>> i heard about it.

>> getting out of the car.

>> j-la.

>> so --

>> but look at all the people coming to her age. she hires people to pick her up when she starts to fall. her friend in the black.

>> she nearly takes down her friend and her friend's hair.

>> well, i loved how ellen poked fun about that moment. take a look.

>> and you know, the thing when you fell out of the car tonight when you were getting out of the car. no one needs to know that. i'm not going to mention that. she fell on the way out of the car. like on an orange cone you tripped or something. if you win tonight, i think we should bring you the oscar . i don't want to risk --

>> i think she just falls now wherever she goes. it's sort of her thing. she's good at it.

>> go with it.

>> we all love her for doing what we all are so petrified we'll do. anywhere.

>> funniest thing.

>> what is this about you having the cops show up at your house?

>> all right.

>> i'll tell this briefly. this is true. so my kids have a karaoke machine . you know that sing tricks thing? it's incredible. you've got to get one. my kids are always singing, it's one direction, party in the house, other kids running around. i said you know what this needs. a fog machine . i said that to myself. it was internal. we're out at the party store getting balloons. i see a fog machine , get fog machine , a gallon of fog fluid.

>> you bought it.

>> whole machine. i bring it home and christina's like, what?

>> because she already knows.

>> immediately. why would you bring that? i said, trust me, it's going to be great. i turn around, we're having a party, the house fills up with fog. it's nuts.

>> the kids are singing in the fog. i've got two mikes, it's a duet. it's a concert. and then the smoke alarm starts going off. who knew --

>> your wife knew.

>> halloween last year.

>> that goes off and then myself and a beloved family member start pushing buttons to make it go off. we hit the carbon monoxide alarm.

>> wow.

>> you've got two alarms. house full of children screaming, crying. and look at the fog at christina and she's like --

>> and what does that look mean, willie?

>> it's the i told you so and get this thing out of our house. so the fire chief shows up, state trooper came to the house. if it's carbon monoxide , they've got to come. so we're not going to have anymore fog machines .

>> and you're on the list now.

>> fog machine watch list .

>> the neighbors are like, who's that guy that just moved in?

>> i appreciate them for showing up because they did respond quickly if it had been