TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Al Roker hits the Oscar afterparties

TODAY’s Al Roker hits some exclusive Oscar afterparties in LA, including Elton John’s annual AIDS fundraising bash and the Vanity Fair party.

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>> and we are back, and after the red carpet last night, al who was actually invited to the parties went to them.

>> well --

>> i was not invited. i don't go to parties i'm not invited to. i didn't take this personally.

>> it was probably best for all concerned.

>> went to sir elton john 's.

>> that's right. his annual aids bash that raises money for the fight against aids.

>> if we take our foot off the gas pedal right now and stop funding aids, then we're going to miss a great opportunity to actually end the epidemic.

>> and as great as tonight is as far as bringing awareness and raising money, this is a good time tonight.

>> yes.

>> it's a great party.

>> it's a great party. we get the same people coming back every year because they know they have a great time. they see their friends, see people they normally wouldn't see. great live entertainment .

>> are you going after this one? hitting a couple of others?

>> i've got a go with the flow kind of situation. wherever the evening takes me, i'll go.

>> can you show me a move? hey now. oh, my goodness.

>> in there --

>> crazy.

>> insane.

>> everybody knows everybody else . and it's just a good, positive vibe.

>> oh, baby. whoo!

>> i think we may sneak over to the vanity fair party.

>> if you see me standing out there at the vanity fair party.

>> i'll ignore you. that's what you do.

>> all right. going to make a little stop at the little boys ' room and off to the vanity fair party. whoa! tim allen ! still can't get that tim allen thing out of my mind. here we are. vanity fair , everybody who's anybody is stopping here. what's the move when you get inside? the dance move .

>> all kinds of moves.

>> you have to get in there and see.

>> oh.

>> what have you been doing since i last saw you?

>> well, i was waiting for you. oh, wow. hey now.

>> yeah. like one goes one way and the other goes the other way.

>> you kind of shimmy up.

>> oh. kind of like what's going to happen to me.

>> this is an orgy, right?

>> we're here for --

>> yes, right that way.

>> you said you were going to ignore me.

>> okay.

>> samuel. come on. come on! so what! so what!

>> what's the big deal . this is about people who have gold statues. oh, they're not here yet.

>> take it for a spin.

>> oh. wow. that's fantastic.

>> isn't it nice?

>> this is a very nice culmination.

>> good morning, everybody. by this time this shows, we'll still be up dancing at the pajama party .

>> it was a really fun time.

>> just imagine how much fun you would have had had i actually been invited.

>> i can only imagine. next year, next year.

>> no, no, no --

>> yes.

>> all right.

>> okay. there you go. guys, there you have it. once again, party time , i could have only imagined what would have happened if this one had been my wing man.

>> i'm sensing a little lingering bitterness. that's okay.

>> just a tad.

>> you work it out on the flight back home.

>> i think they're the new johnny and tara.