TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Willard Scott presents milestone birthdays

TODAY’s Willard Scott sends special wishes to viewers celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

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>> who in the world could have more fun than the folks at 100-year-old birthday party ? let's take a look and listen and you will hear, los angeles , california, the home of henry williams , 103 years old. and he loved to play dominos. that's his favorite pass time. and if you will, please, take a look at helen hebner. she is 100 years old today. naples, florida, the hometown of shubert dankers and he likes to collect clocks. i have a few. they're fascinating. good hobby. and if you will, mary elliott and she's from dundee, illinois. i don't know that town but i would like to. 100 years old today. mary, the best thing she does is cook. the best thing i do is eat. we'd be a great team. telford, pennsylvania, the home of bill and josephine mohr, married for 75 years. happy anniversary to them. harrisburg in in kentucky is where ellen cole lives and celebrating her 100th birthday today. happy birthday , she grows prize-winning violets. they are so pretty. now back to new york where they're all pretty.