TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Actor does spot-on Matthew McConaughey impression

Actor Piotr Michael joins TODAY to show off some of his incredible impressions of such stars as Steve Martin and Matthew McConaughey.

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>> and matt, really glad that savannah gave you one of her hats. that's really nice.

>> thank you, al.

>> any time. so, we're going to take a moment to get up close and personal with some of hollywood's leading men who will be joining us right here.

>> right. this gentleman is an actor and comedian. and he's making quite a name for himself. does -- apparently, he says, he does fantastic impressions. how do we know that? until we sit here with him and find out.

>> well, thank you for having me on the show.

>> you have a youtube series now, right?

>> yes, the impression guys.

>> and people can see it today, right?

>> we've got the fourth episode out but six episodes in the series. and it's a great show showcasing impressions.

>> good for you.

>> and it's the first half hour show on youtube.

>> you did a mock psa for oscar winners.

>> that's right.

>> got a lot of --

>> yeah. i did a bunch of impressions. steve martin , jeff bridges and steve buscheme.

>> and matthew mcconaughey .

>> all right. all right. when ellen degeneres was passing out those pizzas, i was getting the munchies. i was thinking to myself, forget the oscar, i want me a piece of that pizza. did you see harrison ford ? he had his own gravitational pull. he went straight for that pizza. they had to pry them apart. oh, yeah. he was good.

>> all right. all right. all right.

>> christian bale , he's the kind of guy that loses himself.

>> he's a chameleon he's got so many -- that london accent, the way he talks and everything. then when he does the bronx all that sort of thing, sometimes he even forgets the way he talks. if you notice in some of his interviews, it doesn't quite get what how to say things and sometimes maybe he's got to go back and talk to michael -- listen, christian, this is how you talk. a little bit more of the english accent back. i really appreciate that, michael . that's great. thank you so much.

>> all right. wasn't that great?

>> oh, he was sweet. love seeing him there with his wife. so proud of him.

>> what a fantastic film.

>> yeah, it is.

>> and watching bruce -- and he played more of a bewildered guy and wide-eyed, doesn't know what quite is going on. and i can't keep up with all these kids on their twitter and their selfies and their color films.

>> i think what husband problis problem wa s, he can't breathe because so much nasal hair. i don't think he was getting enough oxygen.

>> they're making a sequel called -- where bruce stern is going with charlie sheen . charlie sheen wins and we're going to nebraska. i'm going to get a coffee mug , i'm a winner. totally, i'm going to go -- me and bruce stern , we're going to do this.

>> thank you.

>> yeah, michael , thank you.