TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Lisa Rinna weighs in on Oscar fashions

Actress Lisa Rinna and fashion journalist Louise Roe join TODAY to chat about who was the best dressed at the Oscars, and note that some stars, like Charlize Theron and Camila Alves, missed the mark.

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>>> we will go back to the styles that millions of people are talking about. those red carpet fashions.

>> i'm wearing prada.

>> is it still this magical moment for you right now?

>> yes, it does seem a little unreal to be here. see everyone marching in in sparkly dresses.

>> you look gorgeous.

>> thank you so much.

>> love that blue.

>> that's right, we're all in blue.

>> jewel tones, yeah.

>> you're a little covered up compared to " american hustle " tonight.

>> i thought i'd mix it up. i think people have seen enough.

>> you look fantastic. who are you wearing? can i twirl you a little bit?

>> could you give us a little spin, perhaps?

>> sure.

>> little half turn.

>> both of you wearing the white dinner jackets.

>> great minds --

>> think alike.

>> how are you? oh.

>> how are you?

>> we are doing great.

>> who are you wearing, love?

>> dior couture.

>> you have to.

>> i have to.

>> all right. we've had the skating experts. better turn to the fashion experts. lisa rinna out in los angeles this morning. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> thumbs up or thumbs down or thumbs sideways on the red carpet overall last night?

>> thumbs up.

>> thumbs up.

>> definitely.

>> i always love that red carpet .

>> one or two sideways, but most of them thumbs up.

>> the best-dressed list. everyone seems to have lupita nyong'o on the list and this is a gorgeous blue dress .

>> it's a gorgeous prada. i've loved everything lupita has worn throughout the entire awards season. she is so stunning. she's so classy. and i thought this was a movie star moment. it was --

>> totally.

>> wasn't it?

>> i'm going to win my oscar moment.

>> she's worn every color in the rainbow. but she hasn't done the big princess gown. she saved it for the oscars.

>> she did. and it was stunning. and the headband. i'm going to buy stock in headbands.

>> it was so cute. ballerina inside. loved it.

>> don't we love her?

>> she's fabulous. and let's talk about another movie star , charlize theron who i think can do no wrong on the red carpet . what did you think?

>> i really think that charlize shows up and she shows us what a true movie star looks like. i loved that dress. i thought she was stunning, the detail on that dress was crazy and i love her. i mean, what do you think?

>> i have to say, it wasn't my favorite.

>> what? louise .

>> it was gorgeous and by the way, that diamond was about $15 million. so if you're going to kidnap anyone, kidnap charlize.

>> who cares about the dress if you're wearing a $15 million diamond.

>> there were dresses i preferred.

>> you liked camilla, right? matthew mcconaughey 's wife?

>> yes.

>> she was gorgeous.

>> i thought we'd see pink everywhere, but that was the only pink dress i fell in love with it.

>> and the style of it.

>> and it reminded me of the gwyneth paltrow gown we saw. and she wore it. she posed like a true hollywood icon.

>> she owned it.

>> and actually, it was a fair unnamed designer. gabrielle, somebody new and up and coming.

>> standing by my man and he is going to win and, wow. let's talk about guys, jared leto and his little blond tips of his hair and white tux. are we into the look?

>> are you kidding?

>> yes. i want his hair.

>> we'd die for this look. he has the best hair of any girl that's done it for two years.

>> he was always wearing vintage ruby studs on his shirt.

>> of course he was.

>> and i like he brought flair. i think it's hard to switch it up on the red carpet without looking gimmicky.

>> they brought the cream jackets this year. it was definitely a trend. he was the star of the night.

>> i was digging it.

>> let's talk about some who missed the mark. and i'm going to talk about -- i know who your pick is. who do you think?

>> i hate this part, savannah.

>> i hate it when we fight.

>> i hate it. but i didn't really love anna kendrick 's dress. it was just not my favorite.

>> why not? look at it, it's gorg.

>> i don't know, it's a little too much going on. she's very small.

>> she is.

>> and i like it when she wears something that is more simple. i don't know. i didn't love all the -- i'm sorry.

>> that's all right.

>> the back is good. i did love the back.

>> it was one of my faves.

>> okay. well, there you go.

>> uh-oh.

>> you and i are going to have problems.

>> different sides of the country.

>> hate it when we fight. louise , what did you not like?

>> now i feel like such a loser.

>> i'm going to go there now. penelope cruz , she's a beautiful woman with this amazing figure and drowned it in an absolutely too much fabric. it makes her look tiny, doesn't flatter her curves. and i thought this dress was too similar to jennifer lawrence 's at the global globes. the thin black belt across the lots of fabric, it was white, this one is soft pink. it just didn't --

>> i think she's gorgeous. i think it's --

>> i don't know. i think she can't do any wrong. i think penelope cruz could wear a sack.

>> but it does look a bit sack-like.

>> it does. so she wore a pretty pink sack. and i thought it worked.

>> all right.

>> lisa and louise , thank you so much. great to have you here. you're going to have more on " access hollywood live" later. thanks for being here.