TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Johnny Weir, Tara Lipinski police Oscar fashion

Olympic skating duo Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski join TODAY’s Al Roker and Kathie Lee Gifford to chat about Oscar fashion, noting Camila Alves, Cate Blanchett, and Lupita Nyong'o looked incredible, while giving Emma Watson a thumbs-down.

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>>> let's go back out to los angeles with al and kathie lee and more of the big moments from the oscars .

>> that's right. we've gathered a spectacular panel to judge all things oscars .

>> especially fashion. we've got tara lipinski and johnny weir with us. where were you watching the show last night?

>> we went back to the hotel to do a quick change.

>> of course you did.

>> salchow --

>> of course.

>> we gave each of you a dry erase board and you're ready to do the judging. we're going to start with fashion. your overall score for the night, how do you think celebrities did?

>> is it one to ten?

>> and half decimals, as well.

>> your pants are too tight, that's why you're not thinking clearly.

>> that's why i'm sitting side saddle .

>> when he stands up, they look fantastic.

>> overall --

>> 8.5 and a 9. who do you think nailed it?

>> oh.

>> oh, i'm excited. so there were so many -- the ladies really brought it. i think cate blanchett was gorgeous. i'm not sure how well her color of the dress actually looked not in person, but in person --

>> let's start with lupita.

>> oh, well -- okay. she was gold and glittering beautiful woman coming down the red carpet .

>> you think she kind of knew she was going to match that oscar she was going to win?

>> i would hope so. she dressed for it, certainly.

>> nobody goes for the bronze, do they? they go for the gold.

>> otherwise why bother? lupita nyong'o, let's go back to her.

>> she was incredible in that baby blue prada. it was very -- the fullness was dramatic.

>> she's usually in more structured classic clean lines, and this was that princess moment.

>> and the pressure was so high because she is the fashion it girl of the moment.

>> she sure is.

>> the only thing i didn't like was the --

>> head band.

>> yeah, we're not in class, we're at the oscars .

>> ouch.

>> she was beautiful, though.

>> how about christy teagan.

>> i loved this dress. it was so beautiful and big and the color was fantastic.

>> i thought that penelope cruz looked amazing. too old fashioned for you?

>> i don't know.

>> maybe i'm old school. you know to me what was the most amazing was camilla, matthew mcconaughey 's wife.

>> looked spectacular.

>> she looked amazing.

>> yeah. her body is incredible. and the way she posed.

>> jennifer lawrence in that red.

>> loved.

>> i loved.

>> love the lower -- milky skin, the hair, everything was working for me.

>> so opposite her look last year.

>> and sandra bullock .

>> classic and beautiful.

>> classic and beautiful.

>> how about tara lipinski ?

>> tara lipinski looked phenomenal, ethereal, white, very, very pure and just lovely, old hollywood.

>> i had a very handsome date.

>> johnny weir didn't look too bad either.

>> right?

>> we had a lot of fun.

>> did you see them on the carpet?

>> i missed them. i don't know what we were doing.

>> i would hate to be winners and losers, but who do you think had a missed step?

>> jada pinkett smith is not my favorite dress. she's tiny like me and the fabric, it was a little too much. the satin.

>> great pink versace.

>> i love the color.

>> it was a bit much for her tiny frame.

>> emma watson .

>> emma watson did not impress me. she dressed up for school or to do anything but the oscars .

>> how about kate hudson ?

>> love.

>> one of my favorites.

>> the cape?

>> the cape was fantastic.

>> also versace.

>> she nailed it. she does classic and boho and everything in one.

>> jennifer lawrence , last year fell when she was walking. this year, tripping getting out of the car on the way to the red carpet .

>> who knows what happens at home with her.

>> can you fall gracefully? what score would you give her for the fall?

>> a ten from tara.

>> an 11.

>> she can do no wrong.

>> she's adorable.

>> and johnny goes --

>> what is that?

>> bunny.

>> that's actually not bad, johnny .

>> that's a very cute bunny.

>> she's still a young lady , but i mean -- she's got such a great sense of humor about it.

>> she's normal, that's what i love about it.

>> kids, thank you.

>> thanks so much. guys, back to you.

>> all right. love to get johnny and tara's take on