TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Jimmy Fallon takes polar plunge in Lake Michigan

The new “Tonight Show” host took a very icy dip on Sunday in Lake Michigan in a full suit. It was 32-degree water when he dove in, to try and get Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to be a guest on his show.

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>>> about it. jimmy fallon takes the plunge. the new " tonight show " host left that cozy studio in new york to take a very icy dip in lake michigan on sunday.

>> this is all part of a jimmy made with rahm emanuel in chicago. trying to get him to appear on the " tonight show ." so he dressed in a full suit, jimmy jumped right in. that was -- that's cold.

>> that's great.

>> i think the look on his face says it all. by the way, 32 degrees, outside temperature, 10 degrees.

>> 32-degree water technically almost not water anymore.

>> he really looks like he's dying. have you ever done one of those?

>> no.

>> i do it out in --

>> what does it feel like that cold?

>> you go into -- you become disoriented.

>> i didn't see towels. they didn't warm him up real quick.

>> no, then you almost forget what happened. it's so cold --

>> your body goes into shock. like when you're eating ice cream really fast times a million.

>> body freeze.