TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

'Craziest tag team ever!' Al, KLG hit red carpet

TODAY’s Al Roker and & Kathie Lee Gifford were on the red carpet for Hollywood’s biggest night, and took some time to chat with the stars, including Julia Roberts, John Stamos, and Sandra Bullock.

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>>> back now at 7:45 with the after party. guys, how was it?

>> i've got to tell you, we had a great time.

>> you made it fun for me. thanks very much.

>> well, we think it's a night hollywood won't ever forget. thanks largely in part to the restraining order they have on us now.

>> all right. here we are on the red carpet for the 86th annual oscars.

>> you look lovely!

>> this is the craziest tag team ever. you two.

>> i didn't recognize al. he's so thin now.

>> i know.

>> and you look beautiful and sober for a change.

>> oh, that's so funny.

>> i'm kidding.

>> i missed your mom and sister yesterday.

>> we were all naked in the spa. it was awesome.

>> they didn't tell me that.

>> he helped me get ready tonight and got bored and we took him home.

>> you made this yourself.

>> i made this out of my own hair and i dyed it.

>> she is a foul-mouthed woman.

>> al wants you to swear at him.

>> oh, no.

>> really.

>> just say something nasty.

>> okay.

>> you asked for it, al.

>> he's in front of us.

>> you once told me, you don't take those out after 50, and you lied to me.

>> they haven't seen the sunlight in so long, i thought i'd treat them.

>> how are you feeling tonight?

>> well, your people behaved. what can i say?

>> lucky for you, you're not having to report the weather tonight.

>> i know.

>> 1 to 2 inches, no big deal .

>> brad! bradley! how are you, sir? please come say hello. just a handshake. i know, it's time. here's to another oscars.

>> thank you very much. i was a virgin, you know, before this. this is my first one.

>> we're not going to say what we're thinking.

>> so many things.

>> -- to say.

>> it was fantastic doing this with you, my love.

>> it was fun. thank you, darling.

>> they'll never let us back.

>> well, that's probably good news.

>> you two do seem to have bonded out there on the red carpet .

>> we're never coming back.

>> it's tied you together.

>> that's all right.

>> no, no, no. we were ignored by some of the biggest stars in hollywood.

>> some people have a very nice way of blowing you off and other people are darn rude. brad going like that was sweet. other people, leonardo just went right by us.

>> all right, guys. we'll see you in a little bit.