TODAY   |  March 03, 2014

Massive storm brings snow, ice

States of emergency have been declared in several states as a massive storm dumped up to a foot of snow in its wake before moving into the East. Thousands of flights have been cancelled and drivers are experiencing dangerous commutes. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>>> to a couple of big stories. the deepening crisis in ukraine. and back here at home, that powerful winter storm . states of emergency have been cleared in at least six states. federal offices and schools in the nation's capital are closed this morning. and the airlines have already delayed or canceled more than 2,300 flights nationwide. nbc's dylan dreyer is in philadelphia . good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. you know, philadelphia 's only 6 inches away from having the second snowiest winter ever in what has been a record-breaking year or season for so many cities across the country. so here we are in march in the middle of yet another winter storm . and, actually, the forecast for this storm had gotten better for northern states and worse for states further south. but either way, an unwelcome forecast in what has been a tough winter. the calendar says march, but mother nature didn't get the memo. a wes coast winter storm in the form of torrential rain and wind over the weekend. morning rain in l.a. had the oscars donning a poncho, but dried up in time for the academy awards red carpet . outside of hollywood, people in california still cleaning up the mud and the mess. and thousands in arizona left without power after a west-coast soaker. in denver, heavy snow on the highways and causing a deadly 100-car pile-up.

>> had to be a chain reaction of cars hitting and hitting and hitting.

>> reporter: messy weather moving east and carrying into the workweek. first up, the midwest hit with snow and ice. residents in indiana, counting down the days until spring after a punishing and record-breaking winter.

>> i'm ready for spring.

>> the south also getting hammered. arkansas hit with a dangerous ice storm . a fatal car accident on slick roads. the mid-atlantic scene white yet again. this latest winter storm will eventually head out to sea, but not before hitting portions of the northeast.

>> this is another commuter nightmare. this is where we have just the driving snow that's going to stick with us all through the morning. and then once the snow ends, it's another polar plunge, in fact, temperatures will be about 20 to 40 degrees below average today, and get this, tonight in philadelphia , it'll be about 5 degrees here, the all-time coldest temperature in march in philadelphia is 5 degrees. that record set back in 1872 . so it is going to be another bad morning, but it gets very cold later on this afternoon. matt?

>> dylan, thanks. we're all chipping in for new wiper blades for that car, whoever that