TODAY   |  March 02, 2014

Legal drama ‘Suits’ makes its return

Actress Meghan Markle plays Rachel Zane, the not-so-ordinary paralegal on “Suits.” She said viewers can expect the firm to get “very shaken up” in the new season.

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>> good morning.

>> coming back after a brief break, your love interest mike ross , we've learned he's in a law firm but not really a lawyer. what's going to happen here?

>> the stake haves gotten so high because basically everyone at the firm is starting to discover the secret. mike and rachel , they joke that mike and rachel are like the new ross and rachel . it could change their whole lives together. it gets exciting.

>> give us something, a little nugget we can look forward to. we're such fans.

>> thank you. we watch mike and rachel start to build a life together, moving in, playing house and i will say in all of that the romance and the cute stuff that can happen at the office. they have this secret office relationship, it's very different when you go into the normalcy of living together. obviously the pirm is getting very shaken up by all of this. it's exciting. it's pretty cool.

>> you're so busy with other things, too. what other projects are you working on?

>> we've been on the "suits" college tour which has been fantastic. i leave here, get on a plane and do a film for hallmark channel , great romantic comedy sort of like "my best friend 's wedding."

>> oscar pick best picture is?

>> oh, man. "12 years a slave."

>> meghan markle , great to have you here.

>> the premier for "suits" is