TODAY   |  March 02, 2014

Severe storm to dump snow, ice on 139 million people

Much of the country is staring down another massive weather system. The storm that hit California first will now bring a wintry mix to many cities across the country. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>> winter that just won't quit. that same storm system that dropped a deluge of rain here in california is now headed east and bringing with it bitter cold, ice and, of course plenty of snow. the weather channel 's mike seidel is in st. charles, missouri. mike, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, erica . out here metro st. louis overnight, freezing rain , freezing drizzle moved in. meaning the black ice on area highways, dozens of accidents. it's 17. temperatures are still falling. windchills dropping below zero , all part of this coast-to-coast storm. what came down as torrential rain in drought-stricken california causing massive floods and damaging mudslides is now a fast-moving cross country destructive force of snow, sleet and freezing rain . in all more than 139 million people will be impacted by this latest round of winter. in denver one person was killed and 30 injured in a giant pileup on i-25 involving more than 100 vehicles.

>> a train reaction of cars hitting and hitting and hitting.

>> reporter: now it's all headed east, bringing snow to the midwest including indianapolis where storms have dumped five feet of snow. in chicago, an unusual scene at soldier field between the blackhawks and penguins. crews had to shovel heavy snow off the rink. parts of tennessee and kentucky who have seen several ice storms this year could see up to an inch of ice, making travel difficult if not i'm impossible. storms this season have broken a 130 -- year-old record. it's the extreme cold that continues erica . in kansas city today they may not get above ten degrees. that would be the coldest high in march on record going back to 1888 . right now it's four, the windchill is 25 below. highs in the midwest as much as 40 degrees below average. all i can say, erica , is make it stop. back to you.

>> make it stop and stay inside. those are not the kind of records anyone wants to set. thanks so much. lester, back over to you.

>>> dylan, let's turn to you now. walk us through who is going to get hammered.

>> it doesn't look like this will be as big as initially thought for parts of the mid atlantic . it's traveled a little further south and petered out a little bit. that being said, this is a huge storm with a lot of different situations involved with it. we are seeing it extend from parts of new mexico all the way up into maine where we have snow coming down. for today, the biggest concern is the ice, especially through parts of kentucky, tennessee, even little rock , arkansas. to the north of that from wichita, kansas, over into new york city , that's where we're going to see some snow. the bullseye for heaviest snow should be pushed a little further south in areas like baltimore and washington, d.c. on the flip side , we have the potential for very strong wind gusts and isolated tornadoes across eastern texas and into parts of louisiana. look at the ice accumulation, this is what takes down power lines . we could end up with .25 to .50 inch . here is the snowfall totals, eight to ten inches southern indiana , southern ohio , as much as ten inches in washington, d.c. philadelphia about six. now new york city should end up with about four inches.