TODAY   |  March 01, 2014

Jenna quizzes TODAY anchors on Oscar nominees

Before Erica Hill heads to Los Angeles for the Oscars, the TODAY anchors got in the spirit with some trivia about the nominees. “I only knew one, the other ones I guessed,” said Lester Holt, who did very well on Jenna’s quiz.

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>>> oscars, of course.

>> that's right. and i actually get to get in a little bit of the fun tomorrow. looking forward to that. i'll be in l.a. for you guys tomorrow morning . but before we do that, we thought we'd get a little action going with some preoscars trivia, which jenna has for us in the orange room .

>> all right, guys, here is the deal, how well do you know this year's nominees? or in other words, did you watch any of this year's nominees? don't answer that. we're going to find out right now. so, we've got a little quiz for you. just take your best shot here, whether you've seen the movie or not. first question -- which best picture nominee not based on a true story ? "dallas buyers club," "wolf the wall street " --

>> "nebraska."

>> you guys are all guessing. what'd you say it was?

>> "nebraska."

>> mr. know it all. nice, lester . keep it going, here we go. which best supporting actor nominee appeared in an episode of " sex and the city ," bradley, jonah, michael or jared?

>> michael ?

>> you all think michael ? guess what? mr. bradley cooper .

>> is not bad on the eye.

>> i think we have time for another one here. smarty pants , which best supporting actress nominee went to yale? sally hawkins , jennifer lawrence , lupita nyong'o or julia roberts ?

>> either sally or lupita, i think.

>> jennifer lawrence .

>> here we go. it is lupita. you guys, you're like 2 1/2 out of 3!

>> yes!

>> love that hat.

>> that's very impressive! do we have time for one more?

>> we're on a roll!

>> which one of these act rests is not nominated for an oscar in the best actress category, jennifer, cate blanchett , amy andrews or meryl streep ?

>> jennifer lawrence .

>> i'm going with lester . he's been right on all of them.

>> dylan, answer them on your own there.

>> meryl streep .

>> meryl streep supporting?

>> all right, here we go.

>> i think it's jennifer lawrence .

>> all right, the answer is, madam jennifer lawrence .

>> that's why i have to go with lester .

>> i only knew one. the others i guessed.

>> listen, how do you think the man got three shows? he knows something.

>> he knows what he's talking about.

>> a little back-stabbing, that's what you do.

>> oh, is that all it is? the real lester .

>> more oscar fun is still ahead, including a look at