TODAY   |  March 01, 2014

Man finds $1M ticket in messy room

When Georgia man Gregory Jarrett decided to clean up his messy room, he had no idea he would find a forgotten, but winning, $1 million Powerball ticket. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> and finally, file this one under the most random reason ever a parent can give a kid to clean up a messy room. 26-year-old gregory jarrett of decatur, georgia, found a lottery ticket worth $1 million while cleaning his room. gregory bought the ticket back in january. he had five correct numbers, but he didn't know because the ticket was lost in the messy room. gregory says he brought the ticket to his mom to check the numbers, to which i'm sure she responded, now that you've finally cleaned your room, can you also take out the garbage? that is