TODAY   |  March 01, 2014

Traffic ‘nightmare’: 911 calls from GW Bridge fiasco released

The emergency calls from drivers during the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge have been released bringing to light the scandal that continues to surround Gov. Chris Christie and his administration. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> that point, we are hearing for the first time some of the frustration from drivers who were stuck in that epic traffic jam after the governor's aides ordered the shutdown of traffic lanes leading into the george washington bridge . 911 tapes from those chaotic hours have been released, and stephanie gosk has the details.

>> reporter: the anger and confusion can be heard in their voices.

>> ft. lee traffic is a nightmare.

>> the gw bridge is totally gridlocked.

>> reporter: anyone unlucky enough to get stuck at the foot of the george washington bridge those four days last september will likely not forget it. a nightmare that we now know was deliberately created by a staffer for new jersey governor chris christie . friday, new jersey officials released 28 hours of 911 calls and police radio dispatches recorded when school buses , emergency workers and thousands of drivers got stuck for hours.

>> we're getting calls from irate motorists.

>> reporter: emergency workers struggled to get to a school bus accident. dispatch warns them --

>> brace for impact. they just called in. port authority 's got a school bus and a car accident eastbound just on the other side of the bridge.

>> reporter: when the mayor of ft. lee complained about the traffic, christie 's now-fired deputy chief of staff, bridget anne kelly, texted transportation official david wildstein. "is it wrong that i'm smiling? i feel badly about the kids, i guess." emergency officials say no one's life was in danger, but people in need of help had to wait, like a woman who called for an ambulance and then had to call again and again.

>> it's an emergency and they're not still here.

>> reporter: the official investigation into what motivated the lane closures and who ordered them is still ongoing. multiple members of governor christie 's staff have been subpoenaed, but nothing so far links back to the governor directly.

>> some people are saying let's give the guy, you know, a chance. he's innocent until proven guilty , so let's not jump to conclusions yet. the investigation isn't concluded.

>> reporter: christie says he was in the dark until the story broke in the press. his political future may depend on whether or not the voters believe him. for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york.