TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Elderly couple die together holding hands

Randy Yeager’s grandparents, Gordon and Norma, were married and in love for 72 years. After a car accident, they were side by side in a hospital bed, holding hands. Gordon passed away, but his heart monitor continued to beep, and nurses say his wife’s heart was beating through his.

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>>> and now for this month's skreer extraordinary story from squire rushnell.

>> a god wink is a live changing coincidence or unexpected experience and as we come to the end of february, known as the month of love, randy yeager shares the story of the ever lasting love between his grandparents, gordon and norma yeager.

>> i grew up a few blocks away from my grandmother and grandfather. they were a big part of my childhood. grandma and grandpa were very much in love. they got married the night grandma graduated from high school . and for the next 72 years, they were practically inseparable. my dad would worry, what would life be like if one survived and the other didn't? grandpa had an answer for that. he would say, i'll have to wait for her, she would do the same for me. my grandparents drove out to breakfast every day. but one day, there was a terrible accident. grandma and grandpa were rushed to the hospital, clinging to life. the nurses placed their beds side by side . when my dad got to the hospital, he saw that they were holding hands . at 3:38 in the afternoon, grandpa passed away . then my dad saw something astonishing. grandpa had just died, but his heart monitor was still beeping. he asked the nurse how could that be? she looked puzzled. and then pointed to my grandparents. they're still holding hands , she said. her heart is beating through his and being picked up on his heart monitor . one hour later, to the minute, grandma caught up with grandpa on the way to heaven. the nurse quietly said he is such a gentleman. he is standing there, holding the gate for her. that's a god wink i'll never forget.

>> okay. these are getting harder and harder.

>> oh, my god. by the way -- i can't -- the heart beat through -- oh, my gosh. so --