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TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Tina Campbell: I forgive my husband for cheating

Sisters Tina and Erica Campbell make up the Grammy-winning gospel duo “Mary Mary,” and on the new season of their reality show on WE TV, viewers see Tina’s pain when she finds out her husband cheated. She says she chose forgiveness, because an unforgiving attitude is miserable.

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>>> the sisters are back. erica and tina campbell are known by their stage name mary mary and their song "shackles" launched their career.

>> now the gospel duo is returning to tv for their third season of their hit reality show . in last night's explosive episode, the sisters begin to deal with the painful reality of infidelity. take a look.

>> the magazine comes out, how are you going to feel? how are you going to deal with it?

>> it is my personal life . i need to heal. if i feel like that will help me heal, and teddy was okay with it, it is my decision.

>> my heart is so broken for my sister. and all i can do is pray for her and teddy.

>> well, it's painful. here you are.

>> here you are.

>> you chose forgiveness.

>> i chose forgiveness because the other way was misery. let's just be honest about it. i did unforgiveness. i did crazy. i did revenge.

>> did you take a knife to him? something to him?

>> we don't want to elaborate on the things i did.

>> details, details.

>> a few things that could have landed me behind bars but thank god i'm free and safe and happy and i did choose to forgive because the other way kept making me miserable. and i wanted to forgive, then i changed my mind and wanted to and changed my mind. i realized living in an unforgiving, angry, bitter state made me miserable every day.

>> it is painful to go through it. it is also painful to love someone who is going through it. difficult for you too.

>> oh, my god. we were both -- yeah -- incredibly mad at him. you're trying to go, oh, you'll be okay and i'm crumbling inside. she's crying, i'm crying. we did everything like this our whole lives.

>> somebody you trusted, it was a friend.

>> it was definitely a friend, somebody close to me. somebody in my house seven days before i actually found out. but, you know what, i'll forgive her too because if i'm going to forgive my husband, who actually made the commitment to me, well, then i can definitely forgive the person involved with him because he's the one that said, i won't hurt you, i won't do you harm and all that kind of stuff. and it is just holding on to it makes me miserable. makes me continue to live in a horrible place and i don't want to live like that.

>> does it help, dealing with the things in private is difficult enough.

>> absolutely.

>> dealing with them in public --

>> it is. i love that she took the sting out of it. she took -- she took people's ability to go, what's happening, my gosh, this is what happened. this is what i did. this is what he did, and this is where we are now. now what? and luckily for her she's not on social media , she's not hearing comments. i am. so sometimes i have to read because i'm very protective of my sister. but to be who she is, as public as she is, and go through this and tell it and say i'm going to make an attempt to forgive --

>> the truth is, it wasn't found out. i told it. it was my choice. i'm the one that went public with it. i didn't want to be like what if somebody finds out, i'll be embarrassed. let's tell everybody. let's be embarrassed and shamed and do it real hard. and get over it.

>> that's the appeal of you two, that attitude.

>> and also the musical appeal of you two together. how is the music going?

>> the music -- we have to say this, we have, on this third season, you'll see us touring, see us performing.

>> album already, right?

>> my solo album.

>> mary mary still mary, but erica campbell is now at the forefront a little bit and --

>> that's fun.

>> this is my biggest cheerleader.

>> you want to concentrate on other things.

>> family and a book came out of this too, for me. it was literally my journal, my conversations, talking to god about how i didn't want to be crazy and i was acting crazy . i told my lawyer about it, he said it should be