TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Popcorn bar, paparazzi pics: Throw a glam Oscar bash

Elaine Griffin from Better Homes and Gardens shows how to throw an award-worthy Oscar party. Her suggestions include paparazzi photos when your guests arrive, a popcorn bar and Hollywood-inspired cocktails.

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>> we're back on the try day friday with more of "today" and this sunday is the 86th academy awards . why should the stars have all the fun.

>> here to help you throw an award winning oscar party , bringing some of the hollywood glitz and glamour into your own home is better homes and garden magazine's contributing design editor elaine griffin.

>> soon going to be part of a new television show.

>> yes, " american dream builders," sunday march 23rd , at 8:00 on nbc.

>> i keep seeing the promos.

>> okay.

>> right now we're getting ready for the oscars , most glamorous night of the year. set a dress code. greet them when they get there, one of best parts as an act is loaning out jewelry. set up your bling trays with stuff you already own.

>> not real stuff depending on your friends.

>> they might have gone with it. don't forget red carpet moments, right? say you have -- you have to have a --

>> save the wine.

>> paparazzi.

>> that's the best picture because you're both --

>> i'll hold on to that and shake it. like a polaroid picture.

>> or upload pictures from your phone. upload pictures from your phone to postergram. you upload the pictures, they do post cards, messages are there.

>> they will print the addresses and send them out for you, for 99 cents . what a deal?

>> that includes postage.

>> that's unbelievable.

>> that's fabulous.

>> a great invite.

>> so now it is time for -- we're excited. that's the americana hustle. that's the americana hustle and these are star struck --

>> what is it?

>> these are fantastic.

>> drink it.

>> star struck sparklers.

>> serving them on a tray that is very glamorous, world market , 30 bucks, much more extensive. and then we have these gorgeous coasters, very sorry, from kate spade .

>> and you want people to fill them out, you put them in envelopes and do the unveiling later on.

>> if yours is the most accurate, you take home the cast. we're going to make this easy. we have the runner that is made out of black paper we have drawn you know, ticket outlines on with a gold market. how genius is this?

>> what is it?

>> it is a hurricane.

>> a hurricane. a candle.

>> meaning -- nobody told me. okay.

>> we have a little gold statue we cut out. we're bringing the concession stand home with the popcorn bar and do you not love these?

>> where do you get those?

>> $5 each, individual servings.

>> that's such a clever -- thank you.

>> you're welcome, hodi.

>> i love that.

>> what other snacks should you have?

>> you have to have the candy sand. that's the best part goffing to the movies. these are in and out boxes, line them with gorgeous paper so it is super glammy. isn't that gorgeous? it is easy. we're using stuff you already have for the oscars for sunday night.

>> what are you doing for the oscars ?

>> i am -- i'm eating a lot of popcorn and hoping "12 years a slave" wins.