TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

‘Born Today’ adoptive mom: ‘I’m in heaven’

Three months after they first brought home their new daughter, Sky, TODAY checks back in with a Dutch couple who were spotlighted on the show’s “Born Today” series on adoption. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> we are back at 8:40. takes a special kind of family to open their home and hearts to adopt a child. during our special look at adoption in november, you may remember the couple that joined us, and we got to meet their new daughter and they did, too. right here in studio 1a live for the first time. so we wondered how are they doing three months later? well, nbc's keir simmons paid them a visit.

>> reporter: richard and priscilla prayed for a little girl , a sister to their 3-year-old adopted son. now when they go to church, they take baby sky with them.

>> she's doing very well. she's very sweet. only cries when she's hungry.

>> are you ready to meet sky?

>> yes, we are.

>> this was the moment live on "today" last year when the family met sky for the first time.

>> priscilla , can you describe how you're feeling?

>> like i'm in heaven.

>> just tell me about bringing her home here.

>> when we arrived by plane in amsterdam, there was a lot of people their family and friends . flowers and cards.

>> it's a very different life in holland. this is what they promised sky before they met her.

>> we will do everything to make you very happy here.

>> reporter: and that's what they're determined to do, to provide a safe and loving place to grow. they adopted des from the u.s. three years ago and now he's thriving.

>> i mean, he's obviously doing really well.

>> yeah.

>> they prepared des for the becoming of a big brother .

>> we said we are going to fly to the united states and i'm getting -- i get my sister.

>> and when they finally met --

>> he says, there's my sister, there's my sister and kisses her.

>> sky's biological mom and dad have many troubles.

>> sky's birth mother thought you were the perfect family. does that mean a lot to you?

>> it's very important.

>> it's important they're cared for, too, priscilla says.

>> yeah. that they care also about --

>> moved to tears.

>> they plan to stay in touch, a system of open adoption only available in the states.

>> can i hold her?

>> yes. she's gorgeous.

>> reporter: and gran and gran dad are a big help. now the family's grown.

>> the whole family's completed now. we have a boy, we have a girl.

>> can i get a high five? thank you.

>> for "today," keir simmons , nbc