TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

TODAY anchors reveal their Oscar picks

The anchors reveal their top choices for who they think will take home awards in Sunday’s awards ceremony, with some votes going to Leonardo DiCaprio and Sandra Bullock.

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>>> sunday "daily news" compiling a list of the celebs who almost starred in some of the biggest films. can you imagine robert downy jr. instead of george clooney in "gravity"? sandra bullock almost lost her role to angelina jolie . and brad pitt , not matthew mcconaughey was the original choice.

>> he was actually originally have to have sandra bullock 's role in gravity. in fact, in the movie that jared later -- dallas buyers club," he plays a transsexual that ryan gosling was chosen for.

>>> we've been debating who we think will go home with the golden statue. we even asked you at and now we're ready to share the results. we have close calls. first up, best actress , my pick, sandra bullock .

>> i'm cate blanchett and blue jasmine.

>> judi dench .

>> sandra bullock . best actor , my pick from "12 years."

>> i'm going with matthew mcconaughey from "dallas buyers club."

>> i think he's got it, too. but there's a theory out there that the academy owes leo. and if he had a year, it's going to be this year. i'm going with leo.

>> matthew mcconaughey , as well.

>> he was amazing in the film. that's the toughest category. and finally, the big prize, best picture , my pick, "12 years of slave."

>> i'm going with "gravity."

>> i vote "12 years of slave."

>> i went with "12 years of slave."

>> and the viewers also went with "12 years a slave."

>> monday we'll have the results.

>> we are saying what we think we'll win, not what we'll want to win.

>> they asked what we think and what we want. and i think they compiled that list to kind of see --

>> we all say the exact same thing, it's not that interesting.

>> but also, they'll be reflected of what the people who vote for the awards.

>> very hard. tough choices. by the way, we're going to have a big oscars after party on monday morning. al and kathie lee will be up all night in los angeles .

>> we're not going to the oscars or anything, we're just going to be up all night.

>> all-nighter. all that, fashions and much more on monday morning. that's what's trending today.