TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Oscar Pistorius trial to begin next week

Prosecutors in athlete Oscar Pistorius’s case are confident they can prove the “blade runner” intended to kill his former girlfriend when the trial begins next week in South Africa. NBC’s Keith Morrison reports.

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>>> of oscar pistorius accused of killing his model girlfriend. and the trial is set to get underway next week.

>> reporter: the question is, what was in his head? what was the intent behind a single act that took oscar pistorius from his heroic sprint to a courtroom? he fired four shots through his bathroom door, seen here in leaked crime scene photos killing his girlfriend, the beautiful and brilliant reeva steenkamp. so, on monday at the televised trial --

>> what everybody will be watching for is whether or not you can prove he intended to kill her. and you sound you're pretty confident that the prosecution has enough to be able to prove that.

>> we would not have charged him if we didn't believe so.

>> the attorney told us exclusively, what will the neighbors say?

>> and we heard gun shots, scream, gun shots, scream. it's going to be pretty much hard for you to argue that you still didn't know the person screaming was your girlfriend.

>> telling will be testimony about what was on her cell phone, what she was wearing, the angle of the bullets through the bathroom door and who oscar called and didn't call for help after the shooting. this former south african soccer star will testify oscar was an angry man and extremely jealous.

>> oscar walked up to him and started going off on him.

>> reporter: but his manager says he was a humble man loved by his fans.

>> the support has been overwhelming from all across the world.

>> and oscar 's defense will focus on his intense fear of crime. his special vulnerability that put him on high alert and resulted, he'll say, in a tragic mistake, an accident. come monday, the nation and much of the world will be watching the trial that determines the fate of the blade runner . for "today," keith morrison , nbc news.

>> and you can see more of keith's report tonight on "dateline," 8:00/7:00, and we'll have live reports as the trial gets underway monday morning on "today."