TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

Obama and Biden go jogging through White House

In support of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden went running through the White House. Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> for carson in the orange room .

>> yes, a continuation of jenna's conversation with the first lady. when she was on the " tonight show ," she actually made the pledge that if everyone uploaded videos and pictures of themselves moving around that perhaps she could have some influence and get the president and vice president to show us how they get moving. well, overnight, developing news, take a look. the v.p., of course, mr. biden said, you ready to move? let's do this thing. #letsmove. and let's see what they did.

>> let's do this thing. let's move.

>> okay. so the dogs don't look impressed, but nevertheless, this is what happens when you have a person in the white house that has influence over the president, the first lady's promise. and there you have it. in their dress shirts, in their dress shoes and their slacks moving. and you know what, we took a look at other people moving. who is this, guys?

>> that's you.

>> take a look.

>> you?

>> no, that's the first lady! michelle obama in ballet class. she put this up with the the #letsmove. and mr. roker #letsmove, i walk more and ride my bike to work. four years after @michelleobama got us moving. and i was inspired by al. i bought a similar bike and that's what i do, as well, to keep it moving.

>> like it.