TODAY   |  February 28, 2014

First lady: We're 'creating healthy environments for kids'

Michelle Obama is on the road to promote the fourth year of her “Let’s Move” initiative, and TODAY correspondent Jenna Bush Hager joins her to chat about her fight against childhood obesity. With “small changes, we’re starting to make some progress,” the first lady says.

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>>> meantime, this is the fourth year of michelle obama 's let's move initiative and the first lady went on the road this week to promote it and major new proposals. jenna bush hager , you went along with her.

>> i did. had great time with her this week and sat down with her and started off by asking her, has let's move worked?

>> really just changing the entire arc of their day and creating healthy environments from morning until night. and i think with those small changes, we're starting to make some progress.

>> the first lady of the united states and my best friend , mrs. michelle obama .

>> it's been a whirlwind week. mrs. obama's been making big announcements in her own unique way. talking fitness and smart food choices with a bunch of little kids.

>> i like to get relaxed, too.

>> and p one big one.

>> also, is diet cola , is that a vegetable?

>> grabbing the biggest headlines, a change that will affect us all.

>> you also announced today, we're going to change the way food labels look.

>> for the first time in two decades, the fda is going to improve those labels to make them easier for consumers to read and figure out, what's healthy, what isn't.

>> how active were you in that process? and what impact do you hope to make?

>> well, our offices work closely with the fda. but it's really a team effort. it's going to make it easier. and ease of choices is really what let's move has been about.

>> it's all part of her fight against childhood obesity in america. and the numbers are daunting. 1/3 of children and teens are obese or overweight. but this week, the first lady received good news.

>> we learned this week a cbc report out that showed really significant declines in childhood obesity rates among 2 to 5-year-olds. huge drops. and we're just thrilled.

>> in the last decade, there's been a 43% drop in obesity rates for toddlers. but that dramatic shift doesn't apply to all age groups.

>> the numbers for older kids haven't fallen. you said in miami that, you know, big change doesn't happen overnight.

>> that's right.

>> what do we need to do to make that happen?

>> i think we need to keep doing what we're doing. it's things like changing how much kids move, adding more fruits and vegetables into their diet, but we know that we are nowhere near solving this problem once and for all.

>> for now, mrs. obama says she wants to do her best to get the word out. and it helps if the effort goes viral. just maybe, inspiring kids to get off their computers and get moving.

>> what did your girls think about that jimmy fallon move?

>> you know, fortunately, they weren't too horrified. i think they're used to me doing really silly things to get people engaged and laughing. and sometimes if you get up and dance and you're silly. maybe your kids get up and dance and they're silly and let their guard down and do that for 30 minutes and before you know it, you've exercised and nobody is the wiser. so i figure the first lady can laugh at herself and be silly, maybe more moms and dads will do the same thing with their kids.

>> and more of my interview coming up. we'll talk more about let's move and get her thoughts on body image as part of our "love your selfie," series. plus, yes, words of wisdom on the mom dance and mom jeans .

>> were you learning? taking notes?

>> yes, maybe. let me just say, i can't dance like the first lady.

>> no, you can't. i've seen you both dance.

>> you're no michelle obama .

>> the russian dance.