TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

KLG, Barbara Corcoran duel in curb appeal challenge

Real estate expert Barbara Corcoran and Kathie Lee Gifford, who has a knack for home design projects, go head-to-head in a friendly challenge, offering advice on how viewers should improve the exteriors of their homes.

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>>> to look as welcoming as possible or you're hoping to increase the value to sell it one day, a little curb appeal can go a long way.

>> the last time "today" real estate expert barbara corcoran was here with us to make you have curb appeal work for your house , i decided i wanted a shot at it too.

>> kathie lee is going head to head with barbara . all right, ladies, are you ready? here is the blank slate house you started with. barbara , we'll let you take your first go at it. what did you do to this house ?

>> this is a perfectly pretty house with great lines. you can't see them because they're obliterated by all that stuff in front. i made some simple changes. i flipped the large and small tree. got a hole anyway, put it in there. i widened the steps, installed two red double doors. and changed the knockers. what a different house , cleaned up, looks important and you see how pretty that house is.

>> you spent more money than i did. i told i was not allowed to spend too much money.

>> back to the old house again. kae kathie, tell us what you did.

>> let me see the picture.

>> i didn't think we were allowed to do major -- i cleaned it up a lot. raked it, and just put more mature -- i think i put shutters up. changed the colors. i don't know, just cleaner. but i like what you did, making the door wider.

>> let's see the split.

>> i like --

>> the winner is the one on the left, for sure. everybody can plainly see it.

>> well, maybe barbara has you on that one. to the next one, shall we? this is it. barbara , you go.

>> this is a great house . but the only thing that it really has that is great is it is modern, simple, but they wrecked it with that window. that is the ugliest window i've ever seen. convert the bay window to a double door and painted it teal, put in brass knockers. i converted the old single door to a third window because things in three really look nice and moved the large bush left to side of the house . all inexpensive and put an arch over the door and got rid of the horrible beam that was going on.

>> again, she spent more money than i did.

>> what did you do, kathie?

>> i did not do the flowers. no, no, no, no. i did geraniums, just geraniums.

>> pretend those are geraniums.

>> i put window boxes in and changed the color of -- i did not pick that red door either.

>> yes, you did.

>> no, not that color red. not that color red.

>> you picked a cheesy old skinny door like that.

>> i didn't know i could spend that kind of money. you know what i wanted to do --

>> it sounds like barbara is winning.

>> i understand how the game is played now. that roof is the biggest problem with this house . the roof has to be made into a cathedral roof, which i was told would cost about $20,000. i said if you're going to make $100,000 more on the sale of your house , do the cathedral ceiling .

>> next.

>> competition.

>> third one, double or nothing. this is it. barbara , what did you do? and how much money did you spend?

>> this is about $12,000. really clever. all my others are cheap too, by the way, now that you're talking money. this one is all driveway. it looks terrible. the only thing nice about this house is that fence. i painted it light yellow, because it wants to be charming like the fence. i added an arch window over the garage. painted the house . i tore out half the driveway and put in a lawn on the right hand side. that is a charming house now.

>> let's see what kathie did.

>> i spent $2,000 again.

>> oh --

>> well, i just put the pavers in the driveway.

>> pavers. that looks like $30,000 to me.

>> no, no. you can get them quite inexpensive. i put in ivy and stuff and window boxes are -- and i changed the --

>> the horrible gray color it disgusting.

>> i ran out of money. barbara .

>> well, it looks like barbara won. this was fun.

>> so sorry.

>> let's try it again.

>> that is never happening again.

>> here we go. the timeless hits from singer/songwriter carole king .