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TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

‘I love it!’ Best friends get Ambush Makeovers

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin give makeovers to two best friends: one celebrating her 70th birthday, and the other a postal worker who rarely updates her look.

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>> how nice to hear good music. i love it. our crack makeover team was at it again. this time they gave them warmth and a new look. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, let's sing it home, everybody, louis licari and "today" contributing editor for "people style watch" and author, jill martin. look like a milk maid, really pretty.

>> we likey. the party is on this side.

>> i'll sit like this.

>> all right, kiddos. first we have -- tell us about the selection process.

>> it was cold today, but we were so lucky that we walked out, we did two ladies with signs that were absolutely perfect to be ambushed.

>> one of them is judy usher. she's 70 years old today. happy birthday to her. she's from springfield , massachusetts . she specifically came to new york on her birthday with the hope of being picked for a makeover. let's listen to her story.

>> good.

>> here with judy , her 70th birthday. this say big one.

>> yes, absolutely. thank you. i waited a long time. i watch the show all the time and look forward to coming down for the big dream of the makeover.

>> you're going to look hot. this is going to happen. you're so excited to give her this gift.

>> yes, i am. she deserves it. very much.

>> all right.

>> she does also.

>> she's next. are you ready right now?

>> she never does anything for herself.

>> judy , let's go. it's for you.

>> all righty.

>> okay.

>> judy is up first. again, her friend lucy is going to be out next. no one reacting to her, except all of us. here is judy usher before. all right, judy , let's see the new you!

>> wow! wow!

>> all right, judy , are you ready to see yourself?

>> i love your hair!

>> you're going to freak. spin right here, girl.

>> oh, my. oh, my goodness.

>> you look so --

>> that's hot, isn't it?

>> yeah.

>> judy , look right there at camera 12.

>> oh, my.

>> that's awesome.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> judy is -- you have the heart of a 40-year-old. you have such spunk.

>> i'm not 70 no more.

>> you always wear your hair back. she was so concerned with keeping her hair long, it needed a change.

>> number one tip. wear your hair back all the time, cut it, give it a shape, make it look with your face and you look years younger.

>> nice job.

>> that dress, jill , wow.

>> she had such a beautiful bustline and look at the back also. just a little kind of -- with what you have, your best features. this is by maggie london, flirty at the bottom. you can wear it year round.

>> that's great. awesome. judy , stand right over there near jill .

>> with your back to us.

>> and just face the wall. don't go away. judy -- right there. perfect. stay right there. perfect. our second lady is lucy sharett, 49 from springfield, also. as a letter carrier for the post office , she spends her days in the uniform wearing no makeup. she begged us to give her a glam new look. let's hear her story.

>> this poem says it all. read it.

>> i endure the elements as you can see, i'm number one priority, that's just me. so please pick me and pay my postage due with a makeover from both of you.

>> i love it. you're picked.

>> thank you.

>> it works every time. okay, she's here obviously with her friend judy .

>> judy , don't turn around, okay. i know you want to.

>> let's take one last look at lucy before. and bring out the new lucy .

>> oh, my gosh!

>> this is great. wow. wow. okay, judy . turn around and see your friend and you can see each other.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> you look so beautiful.

>> okay, lucy , turn around and look in the mirror. you're going to love it.

>> oh! i love it!

>> you look so good. turn right around and look at that camera 12 real quick. perfect. oh, my god.

>> thank you.

>> again, why grow your hair long when you can have a great hair shape, number one. it just makes you look years younger. instant face flip. i saw the color, just glaze, got rid of shadows from underneath her eyes and enhanced by the makeup.

>> you are perfection. you're the hottest looking woman in america.

>> thank you.

>> okay, gorgeous. tell us about the outfit, sweetheart.

>> always wear the uniform. so anything was super dressed up. this is great. you have this in your dress too, just that leather band. this is laundry by shelly siegel.

>> what do you think of hers?

>> oh, my gosh. it is like a different person.

>> come over. step over with your friend.

>> love it!