TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Yogurt, salsa: Best packaged foods for your kids

Parents magazine’s Jenna Helwig visits TODAY to help you figure out which packaged foods are healthiest for kids. Her picks include Greek yogurt tubes and salsa.

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>>> every year thousands of new packaged foods hit supermarket shelves.

>> parents magazines set out to do all of the work for us. and their food editor is here with the results. thank you, jenna, for being here. what was criteria.

>> we wanted products that had no artificial color , no trans fat , reasonable amounts of sodium and saturated fat and added sugar. so we did that and then we had a tasting with 75 kids and adults to find out what they liked the best. so here are our choices.

>> let's start off with quick snacks. you suggest yogurt, healthy dips and here a salsa.

>> these chobani fruit tubes are really good, they are portable, they have pro biotics and they introduced new flavors like dragon fruit . and parents know getting parents to eat vegetables and dips can help. the oikos only has 25 calories. and the dads tasting really loved it.

>> these are things that can help up got dinner on the table quicker or breakfast. these have whole grains, they're a great finger food for babies and toddlers and not too sweet. you can make them easily.

>> potatoes?

>> awesome if you're craving french fries . they have olive oil and sea salt .

>> i was surprised to see chicken nuggets there.

>> they look adorable because they look like dinosaurs. tyson swapped out ingredients and they're using whole grain now.

>> and simply made butter cookies, the ingredients are recognizable. and these newtons fruit thins are also good. the kid really liked them. the good thing to remember about these, while they're healthier desserts, they're still a treat.

>> so the kids get a little bit of something they like.

>> 2 grams of sugar per cookie.

>> that's fantastic.

>> and ruby rockets?

>> these are made with real fruit but also vegetables.

>> you have to try it. have i to sneak it any way i can.

>> i'm terrible about vegetables vegetables.

>> they're only 25 calories a pop also. so moms and dads can enjoy them, too. you don't taste the vegetables.

>> not at all.

>> this is "today" on nbc.

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>> jesse muller, from "beautiful."

>> she is awesome.