TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Use baby powder to fix a creaky floor

Amy Matthews, host of HGTV’s “Renovation Raiders,” joins TODAY to demonstrate home maintenance for all seasons, including a demonstration of how to use baby powder to get rid of floor creaks.

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>> just like a good car, your home need as regular tuneup and every season calls for a different kind of maintenance.

>> turns out you can do most of these tasks yourself. all it takes is a little coaching from genius amy matthews .

>> i'm from minnesota so i feel like i've been living on that icebreaker that al sis on. it's insane.

>> we're looking at seasonal things.

>> always look at the pipes in your house. they don't go with freezing cold. a good pipe wrap on the exterior is important. on the interior there's a different type of foam that you can put on these pipes and that keeps them from freezing.

>> this is crucial in the winter.

>> you can do it in the fall, you can do it in the winter. look now because if that's not on there, it should be.

>> that's an outdoor tap. indoor we're talking about fixing a squeaky wood floor .

>> we all know baby powder is for chafing. the floor when it expands and contracts, it rubs against and you get that squeaking. you can put the baby powder in the cracks and brush it into the cracks.

>> why is that effective with the floor?

>> when the wood expands and contracts, it doesn't do it evenly so you get the noise.

>> we're looking at your sump pump here. you have two different kinds. some of built in with the house and in the ground. others are sitting on top of the floor. it's imperative, especially as everything melts, that you make sure it's working. if yours is like this one, put it in a bucket, pour some water down. you're looking for this float to raise. that triggers a mechanism in here that starts the pump working, pulls the water out. it's attached to a hose and you want to make sure the hose is outside the house.

>> willie, do you know that?

>> i'm learning. i need up to come over.

>> how about the outside furniture?

>> you can actually use car wash on it. take a soft cloth, use some gloves, wax on, wax off. it keeps it protected and make it really easy to clean.

>> and that for outdoor s/indoor. got that down. we're moving to summer.

>> oh, let's clean your house. just like going through a car wash , makes your car look new, cleaning off the exterior of your house can make your house look new. you can't underestimate the curb appeal. you need some dish soap, take some water and the stuff that's hard to get at, you can use a scrub brush and telescoping brush and work your way through.

>> can you handle that, willie?

>> no.

>> water has sediment in it. over time it settles in the bottom of the water heater . it cause it is to work inefficiently and can lesson the life of your water heater . unhook it, turn the water off to the water heater so you're not pouring it as you're making it move. that will extend the life of it.

>> cool. let's move to fall.

>> you want to make sure with the pipes, this spigot right here attached to the hose deerks tach t -- detach the hose. people say pipes burst. it might not burst, it might just crack.

>> quickly indoors.

>> insulation in your attic. 70% of your heat goes out through your roof. 50 to $150 on these things, put it up there, reduce your heat loss. these things pay for themselves within a year.