TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Nick Lachey: Becoming a dad brings ‘so many emotions’

Singer Nick Lachey joins TODAY to chat about his new role as host of VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live,” and his other new role – as a dad.

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>>> a new papa.

>> congratulations.

>> thank you.

>> now he has something else to be proud of. he's joining the early alarm clock club with us, vh-1's big morning buzz show.

>> nick, good to see you, man.

>> not quite as early in the morning as you guys. you get bragging rights .

>> what time?

>> probably 5:30 or something.

>> that's like lunchtime for you guys.

>> plus with a 17-month-old, you get used to it.

>> he prepped me for this job.

>> what's the show all about?

>> it's basically pop culture , vh-1 live from 10:00 to 11:00 . we're the only show that will have live music every single day. it's really important for me to be part of a show that does that, featured guest every day. we'll talk whatever is current in the news in pop culture . live tv , as you guys know, there's nothing like the rush of that. i'm excited to get started.

>> what kind of artists can we expect?

>> the fray, leah michelle will be singing and performing, nick cannon --

>> will you perform, too?

>> i hope so. being a singer, i think the more i can bring of that dynamic of my career to the show, the more fun it will be for me and hopefully the audience. whether it's a serious moment or something we can do and have a little fun with, a little sketch or something, i definitely think singing lab pawill be a part of it.

>> speaking what you can bring, you brought your dog already. and you have this big doberman?

>> he's a pit bull . he used to be a pit bull and now he's a poodle-yorky mix. my wife is bringing our son but she asked i bring the dog ahead of time so he could get acclimated. i was the guy the other night with the small dog on the plane.

>> does he have the vest and booties on walking around new york?

>> i won't go that far. people say you have to keep him warm. i can't be the guy walking around with the sweater. it's such a different culture here. you walk down the street with these dogs and all these other dogs and smells. he's getting used to it.

>> once you cross the dog booty and outfit bridge, there's no coming back.

>> that's a reputation you can't get rid of.

>> you've got a new album out called "a father's lullaby," which is such a cool thing for to you do for not only your son but other kids. we want to listen to it a little bit. you are my sunshine, my only sunshine

>> where did that come from?

>> i give my wife credit for this one. she started looking in the lullaby albums and said there's not really very many by male artists. that particular track was one my grandfather used to sing to me, "you are my sunshine."

>> you're melting our hearts here, come on.

>> my mom sang that to me.

>> it was a special project for a lot of reasons.

>> that's beautiful.

>> oh, those eyes. daddy's eyes.

>> he hardly looks like that anymore.

>> is he ready for a boy band ?

>> he's got the moves. there