TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Tamron: We have to rescue Al aboard icebreaker

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie Morales, Willie Geist and Tamron Hall chat about the deep freeze hitting the nation. Meanwhile, Al Roker is aboard a Coast Guard icebreaker plowing through the icy Hudson River, and Hall jokes, “We need to send a rescue crew for him." Geist adds, “Al, I appreciated your Leonardo DiCaprio routine from ‘Titanic.’ I want to see that again.”

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>>> welcome to "today" on this chilly thursday morning, february 27 , 2014 . i'm willie geist along with natalie morales and tamara hall. al is on an icebreaker on the hudson river .

>> i love the ad for baseball caps for warmth.

>> i appreciated your leonardo dicaprio routine from "titanic." thank you very much.

>> why, you ask, we have a bowl of ice cream ?

>> because we're hungry. we're going to eat it all.

>> we have a big overall in labels come. nutrition labels on food packaging are propose to change. there's an existing label on the left and on the right, what the new label would look like. the revamp includes calorie counts in really big fonts.

>> i like that. serving information. since most people eat a lot more than the current label suggest is one serving.

>> this is why we have the ice cream and the coke. this is a pint of ice cream and normally a point would be four servings and that's how it's usually marked on the label. under the new proposed labelling, this would be marked as two servings. so if you eat half a pint, you know you've eaten a serving of two servings.

>> you don't have to figure out the math. how many times have you gotten out your calling lateculator.

>> this is one soda. it's now one serving.

>> it's more honest. when you look at a 2 liter bottle , that's like a shot glass of coca-cola. now they're being more realistic.

>> the grocery association commented saying it's time for label changes but they should be based on the most current and reliable information.

>> we've already dug in. this is a girl's best friend.

>> ice cream . now who stops at half a pint even? you know?

>> i do because i'll do half on monday and half on tuesday. do i it with cupcakes, too. i cut them in half. i figure i'll eat this half on monday and this --

>> come on, eat the cupcake.

>> you don't have to eat spanks.

>> how do you know i don't?

>> i don't.

>> this is called breaking bad .

>> these changes don't come in for a couple of years.

>> but there are great apps. my favorite app is my fitness pal. i'm a sugar junkie but i put everything i eat and drink in there.

>> everything? every little bite.

>> i don't ever have a little bite of anything. don't you know me? i do it big or i don't do it. it helps me keep track of things. i don't drink soda, i don't keep it in my house but i love cakes, pies, anything sweet. but i give in to those indulgences and i put it in my fitness app and i put in the exercise and it keeps track.

>> seth roguen was on the capitol hill , making a speech on alzheimer 's. his mother-in-law has alzheimer 's. he's got fund-raisers all the time. he's taken the lead on this. obviously a serious topic but seth in his own way having some fun with it before congress.

>> i don't know if you know who i am at all. you told me you never saw "knocked up," chairman.

>> this is the first time in any congressional hearing in history that the words "knocked up" have ever been said.

>> i came here for a few reasons. one, i'm a huge "house of cards" fan. just marathon the whole thing, had to be here.

>> i'm sorry you had to unmask me. i'm really kevin spacey in disguise. not too many people knew that.

>> they have a comedy duo going there.

>> i kill them with kindness but present the facts in the middle of it.

>> a really important cause. his mother-in-law has early onset alzheimer 's, i have a mother-in-law diagnosed as well with early onset alzheimer 's, diagnosed in her 50s.

>> one of the things that seth said in his testimony, despite the fact it personally affects so many people, research, conversation is lost. we know that george clooney and some of the other top a-listers, they go out and they speak out. but to have someone who is so associated with young people , with comedy, i think was fantastic. i watched the whole thing.

>> it's the power that celebrity can have on capitol hill , whether it's halle berry testifying before congress to talk about changing the laws when it comes to exposing children in the tabloids. they've made a big change and hopefully something can be done.

>> a smart way to get the message out. you present it that way, we're going to talk about it. by the way, ben affleck was up on capitol hill as well. he and john mccain sort of had a similar rapport back and forth.

>> this is an incredible story out of georgia.

>> my favorite of the day.

>> 3-year-old little girl , she just turned 4 but she was 3 when she saved her dad's life. her dad was cutting trees with a machete and accidentally cut his arm, hit an artery and he was unable to pick up the phone and call 911. so little alycia , this is what she did.

>> i pressed this button and pressed 9 and 1 and 1. i put it in daddy's ear and he talked to the police and then i was crying and i was really brave.

>> oh, alycia , we love you so much. her mom said they taught alycia last year how to unlock their smartphones and call 911 just in case.

>> december. they taught her in december. all you parents when you say "put down my phone," you never know.

>> i thought to myself i better start teaching rather than playing angry birds all the time.

>> i stayed up until i think 3:00 in the morning, i kept watching it. i'm obsessed with her.

>> she points out -- i think she said she cried there. later if you watch the news reports she said "i wasn't crying." so cool.

>> let's go back to al. oh, we just lost him.

>> he was posing like leo on the front of the ship.

>> he's having fun up there, too.

>> you think?

>> he likes being on the breaker.

>> he likes being out in the elements.

>> he's back. he can verify how much he loves being on the hudson. hey, al.

>> hey, guys. we are making headway, we're going north. we're about 110 miles north of you and you can hear the sound of mother nature . this is the u.s. coast guard culter " penobscot bay ." listen to this thing cut through the ice!

>> he does love it.

>> i told you.

>> man, take a look. we left our microphone out. look at the ice on this thing. it's amazing. yeah. joining us right now is lieutenant commander james mccormick . he runs this beautiful vessel. so what's the main mission during this kind of winter?

>> so that right now we're conducting ice breaking operations in support of the coast guard 's operation renew.

>> we lost al.

>> oh, boy.

>> obviously they're on a moving vessel.

>> oh, wait a minute.

>> were you not paying attention to al?

>> she was eating her half serving of ice cream . really? that man's out there risking his life --

>> i saw ice so it made me think of ice cream .

>> don't let us interrupt you.

>> go ahead.

>> sorry.

>> willie and i were like engrossed in this live shot .

>> here you go, coca-cola.

>> can we get you anything else, madam?

>> can i tell you about the specials?

>> i'm having my own little party right here.

>> look at al.

>> you let us know when you're ready.

>> enjoy your breakfast, natalie.

>> i didn't know the shot was going to go down.

>> but you knew al was out there.

>> that's why i'm eating his share of ice cream for him.

>> we've got al back up. take it away.

>> al, i'm eating your share here. sorry.

>> say again, guys?

>> go ahead, take it away.

>> all right then. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.