TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Savannah and Matt school new Weekend Update team

TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer sit down with Cecily Strong and Colin Jost, the new Weekend Update team on “Saturday Night Live.” The comedians practice their anchor voices and leg crosses.

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>> new team in town. "saturday night live"'s weekend update has provided you with a lot of laughs throughout the year and with seth meyers moving on to " late night ," a brand new era begins. 12 hosts have delivered all the news fit for late night tv beginning with chevy chase in 1975 . for nearly four decades the likes of jane, dennis, norm, jimmy, tina, amy and seth sat as head honcho behind weekend update 's fake news desk.

>> seafood is good for you, unless it's fried. yet another ground breaking story from the pages of the medical journal "duh."

>> kirstey is saying the rumors she regained the weight she lost is not true. hmm. she knows we can see her, right?

>> and many of the anchors have gone on to post-snl success, leaving vacant those rolling chairs for the next " weekend update " stars. yeah, no pressure there. the new anchors are colin jost and cecily strong are with us. you are not new to the show. you're the co-head writer. is this a dream job ?

>> it was. i didn't know it was all possible but had on my mind as the thing i would want to do.

>> did you ever intentionally saab damage seth so he would move and and you could get the job?

>> probably inunintentionally.

>> cecily, have you been sharing the responsibility of delivering the fake news?

>> no, that is scary and i guess i don't know what that is yet. i'm still learning. we do have to sit with the same leg cross, though. we know that.

>> have you worked on your news anchor voices at all?

>> colin?

>> a bit.

>> i gave him some practice at some voice warmups or anything.

>> and do you have any pocket squares for your blazer?

>> i have to work on it. i'm empty.

>> these aren't our clothes.

>> i asked the question. let's all switch the legs. we had jim parsons on the show --

>> you can't do that side? is that a problem? did that hurt? jim parsons is on the show, he's hosting. i asked him if he had a chance to go down that hallway where all those photos are. have you stopped to think about all the people, and you've been doing it for couple months now, who have sat in that " weekend update " chair? have you thought of the history of it?

>> it's crazy. it's such an intimidating legacy. you see all the people who have been there through the years but you also have to be like have i to try my own thing and do it. otherwise you'd go crazy.

>> i would walk out the door if i got stuck in the hallway, all right, i'm done.

>> did you have to try out together? is there an auditions process?

>> i have to switch my legs.

>> we did a camera test a few weeks ago but that was kind of it.

>> so you've been working on your witty banter, news anchor banter?

>> let's not say witty yet. let's just banter first. work on wabanter.

>> we went to the official web site of the show and looked for the profile pictures of all of you. when we got to yours, we found something that was a little bit like john doe -ish. what happened there?

>> that was a great silhouette of me. just bad lighting.

>> why don't you look into that camera, give us your best look and pose for your new official snl portrait.

>> i feel like i should just do a turn like noticing the photographers there. sort of like.

>> oh, there's music for you, too.

>> you look sad at the end of it.