TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

‘SNL’ Weekend Update team quizzes TODAY anchors

Cecily Strong and Colin Jost, the incoming team on the Weekend Update segment of “Saturday Night Live,” visit TODAY to quiz our anchors on how well they know the duo.

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>> and it is the debut for the brand new team for "weekend update." joining her is the show's co-head writer, colin jost. you have come bearing a quiz of sorts.

>> you guys are the real, actual news people so we assume you study us a lot.

>> all the time. all the time.

>> so you do your homework. so we're each going to say one truth, right, and two lies, buried in two lies.

>> about yourselves?

>> about ourselves. because you've read up on us.

>> we feel confident.

>> so i'll go first.

>> okay, great.

>> so you know what to do. his are the same as mine.

>> i was head cheerleader in high school . my real name is cecilia, i have performed on cruise ships .

>> i know --

>> i'm keeping it as a poker face .

>> it's a trick question.

>> what if you really want one of the things to be true.

>> there is one up should say just to be polite.

>> you were a cheerleader.

>> i'm going to go cruise ship .

>> i'm going your real name is cecilia.

>> i'm going to go cheerleader. you look like a real attractive woman to me.

>> have some pride, all right?

>> i performed on cruise ships . attractive people do get to perform on cruise ships .

>> colin?

>> all right, here are mine. i've never learned to swim. i created dog, i've been in " fiddler on the roof " like a thousand times.

>> it's got to be fiddler.

>> what was the first one?

>> i never learned to swim.

>> i believe that. you're from new york?

>> what that has to do with not swimming i'm not sure. just demonstrating i did research here.

>> by the way, i'm from new york and i can swim.

>> this is

>> it was not planned. it snuck in here.

>> i'm going with the swimming.

>> fiddler, a million times.

>> i was in fiddler.

>> oh!

>> we're going to get to know you a little bit better. does that sound scary?

>> we're going to turn the tables here. we'll see you in a couple of minutes.

>> and that is what's "trending"