TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Communities across the country ditch red-light cams

Local and state governments across the U.S. are putting the brakes on red-light cameras after widespread complaints, and critics who say they don’t reduce crashes.

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>>> it's time for what is "trending" today. when you take off on your morning commute, you might want to look up. a lot of towns are getting rid of those red light cameras . which is great. i can't believe it. they're supposed to stop drivers who ran red lights . but apparently many cities and states are now ditching the technology. why? widespread complaints and what critics say is little evidence that they actually reduce crashes. i'm surprised because these are big money makers.

>> even if they don't reduce crashes, a lot of towns have gotten used to that stream of revenue.

>> most of it is a deterrent.

>> you have ever gotten a ticket from one of those cameras?

>> yes.

>> it's aggravating.

>> on long island, they could just flash that light.

>> a flashing light .

>> or if they put a sign that said "stop," you know?

>> that works.