TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Midwest contends with icy mess

Frigid temperatures are blanketing the nation’s midsection. In Chicago, the wind chill is at 11 degrees below zero. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> dylan right now is in chicago where they are getting ready for the big polar plunge this weekend. everybody's in a polar plunge, dylan .

>> we certainly are, al. you win with coldest looking live shot. you beat me out with the fur hat there. it is about 7 degrees in chicago. today is one of those days when the sun comes up, it's going to get colder. most of the day will be around 5 degrees by this afternoon. this is burnham harbor pipts not unusual to see it frozen over with a thin layer of ice in a typical winter but it is frozen salad to the point that it has pushed up the docks and refroze them in place. in the distance is soldier field . that's going to be the site of the stadium series friday night, of course the outdoor hockey game on nbc. i spent yesterday hard pressed to find anyone who wasn't bothered by this cold. in my desperation to find anyone, anything that is okay with this cold, here's what i found. a klondike bar , loves this stuff, a bag of frozen peas could spend all day outside in weather like this and there's also the good old fashioned strawberry daiquiri , which on second thought is a little cold, too.

>> how about dylan dreyer? how does she like the temps?

>> i'm done, i need to drink this.

>> i didn't hear anything after