TODAY   |  February 27, 2014

Costa Concordia captain boards wreck during trial

Two years after his cruise ship hit a reef and capsized off Italy, killing 32 people, the captain of the Costa Concordia returned to the wreck today for the first time. He is on trial for manslaughter and abandoning ship. NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports.

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>> the captain of the "costa concord concordia" returned to the scene for his trial.

>> good morning. the captain has consistently defended his actions that fateful night saying the decisions he made when the ship hit a rock and began sinking saved lives, even though people died as the ship capsized. for the first time since leaving the ship as the captain, he's returning now as a defendant. even locals were surprised nat captain, often called the most hated man in italy, would return. we have been a little bothered by that because we think he is guilty of all what happened, says this resident. he is back serving the ship that still sits off the coast. it's part of his trial where he faces charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. after they alleged he steered the ship too close to gilio. 3 2 died as the cruise liner first hit a rock and then began to cap tiez. the crusade he abandoned ship while passengers were still scrambling for their lives. if convicted hereby could face 20 years in jail. but he defends himself saying the rocks were not marked on the map. it cost $20 million to turn the capsized cruise liner upright. as the trial continues, so, too, does the salvation operation. workers are hoping to begin to tug the boat later this summer but there's still no clear end to the trial.