TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

Healthy tips to get rid of your spare tire

In TODAY’s new series “6 Months to a 6-Pack Challenge” nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy join TODAY to offer tips on how to control snacking and up your water intake.

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>> now to our six months to a six-pack challenge. helping you get rid of that spare tire or muffin top . it's been over a month since we've seen them.

>> and of course, they've encountered a few bumps along the way. but they're here to share their smart solutions with joy bauer and fitness trainer . good to see you.

>> hey.

>> i wasn't here when it started, but you look fabulous now.

>> you have to keep in mind, this is less than two months. when you hear these numbers how much they're down, you're going to fall over.

>> you weighed them in this morning.

>> kelly started at 177 pounds, she's now 152 pounds. that means she's down a total of 25 pounds.

>> wow.

>> congratulations.

>> okay. tamron started at 178 pounds now 161 pounds. she's down 17 pounds.

>> all right.

>> ralph started at 200 pounds, he's now 176 pounds for a total loss of 24 pounds.

>> congratulations.

>> fantastic.

>> you can see --

>> great.

>> well, let's start talking about some of the -- i think a lot of people hit those bumps in the road in their weight loss . first starting off with their six pack food problems, kelly , you had issues. what was your problem? and how did you solve it?

>> the problem being, i think the winter and the cold and i grave hearty foods. i want substance and i wanted to be warm. so i just came up with a soup real quick, some broccoli, vegetable broth, chicken broth , whatever you have, blend it all up if you want skim milk in it to make it a cream of milk. you can top it off with cheese, a cheddar, and add a crunch to it.

>> she nailed it with this soup. one cup is only 60 calories.

>> wow.

>> and there's so many creative yummy things you can do to sort of make comfort foods . you can use lean ground turkey, reduced fat dairy. i put a ton of comfort food makeovers on our website at and i'm also going to tweet out all of these recipes using the #todaysixpack after the show.

>> good.

>> anything you want to add to it.

>> now, the fitness problem you encountered, staying motivated, avoiding the mindless eating, which i think a lot of us do. jeff, how did we tackle that?

>> sure, i know that kelly did quite a bit at home with ankle weights and just kind of moving around the house more. the thing is that usually prime time tv means prime time snacking.

>> yeah.

>> and for most of us, it's tough to break that habit. so i don't really want people to overhaul that pattern immediately. but what they can do, is start modifying it. and the best way to do that, exercise during commercials. of course you should watch anybody who advertises. but at least get up, do some body weights, squats, you can march in place like joy's doing. jumping jacks , anything, just do it during commercials.

>> what was your problem?

>> water. i'm not a fan of water, really. but i needed to find a way to get more fluids in. so i mixed the cranberry juice with water but also told i could use lemon, lime, cucumber, anything to spice it up.

>> you're putting a shot of fruit juice into water or for people that like bubbles, give up the soda and go for the naturally flavored seltzers.

>> getting my steps and getting the exercise in. i walk from work home. it's about 4.3 miles. and i do that about two or three times a week. it gets the stress down and i feel great.

>> if that's not an option, what do you do?

>> got to move further away from work? the body wants to wind down toward the end of the day . the best thing to do is avoid high-threshold exercises. opt for yoga, instead, low-threshold moves and there's great moves on

>> and really quickly to you, what was your food problem?

>> my problem is best laid plans . i'm never there when my meal's ready for me because i get called out as a paramedic to respond to an emergency. i usually find myself very hungry after a call from the stresses. i have carrots, it takes a while to get them in, to chew them and get that crunchiness and i like to have peanuts and cashews because you have to undress each of them one at a time.

>> gets a gold medal .

>> and jeff, really quickly and ralph, what was your fitness issue.

>> not really an issue. i'm competing, i monitor everything. and my wife and my son, they have really become very, very competitive. and she's doing a great job. and she's watching.

>> there they are.

>> watching everything.

>> and my son's leaving in a few days for the air force .

>> congratulations.

>> keep moting each other.

>> we do.

>> keep motivating us, as well. we've also posted three more of the ab blasting recipes on