TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

Hulk Hogan gets tips on hosting from Willie

In Today's Take, Hulk Hogan visits the TODAY anchors and asks Willie Geist for advice on hosting the latest edition of WrestleMania. “You do what I do when the show slows down: You tear off your shirt,” quips Geist.

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>> welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, february 26th , 2014 . i'm willie geist along with al roker , natalie morales , tamron hall . snow flurries , a blizzard out there.

>> not quite.

>> it was for the four seconds.

>> oversell.

>> we've got a lot to talk about. we were talking about this front page story in the "new york times" about obesity dropping 43% among young children in a decade, we're doing our love your selfie series.

>> really terrific.

>> so really important finding. and you hope this is turning the tide.

>> yes.

>> and we saw the first lady yesterday focus on cafeteria meals. what kids are being able to eat while at school. and that's equally important because we know if they have those unhealthy options at school, when parents aren't there, like any kid.

>> exactly.

>> and the study talks about parents just shopping smarter. they have more information, fewer calories, like sugar.

>> a lot of people knocked mayor bloomberg , but if you look at the things he did that now have become kind of standard operating procedure across country. like calorie counts and fat grams on menus. you know, you are able to make these choices.

>> but manufacturers are also making food -- you see the yogurt aisle, you have all the kids yogurts. for me, it was straight to the cereal aisle.

>> even with the yogurts, there's a lot of sugar in them.

>> a little bit of good news there. that report about obesity.

>>> we're looking at the cover of "people" magazine. paula deen has given a new interview. looking at how she's doing about nine months now after the controversy when she was the subject of a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. the lawsuit was later dismissed by a judge. paula tells people now, some people said i never apologized. if anyone did not hear me, i want to apologize. i would never hurt anyone intentionally, never. among the other revelations, she says when she woke up every morning, it was like her world was crashing down. she said she took comfort by reading positive comments posted online. she said i couldn't get off the computer except to go to the bathroom or eat. one other tidbit, she said, after all this controversy, she made eight cakes in six days. she did what she knew how to do. she made cakes.

>> i don't know if i'm going to be able to survive this. i wouldn't have baked the cakes, i have have eaten the cake batter.

>> you know what, it is a lesson. i think it's a lesson to all of us. i think for people who were critical of her and i was disappointed when you hear these details and even saddened, but we are about forgiving. and there's so much, but a pound of flesh you can give. and once you see someone is on the ground, do you keep kicking them? she has apologized. everyone can make their choice, but she did the right thing at this point. so do we do the right thing and forgive her?

>> we all love a good comeback story.

>> a sincere one, because there are some fake ones.

>> absolutely. and you have to believe whole heartedly, she has felt this emotionally. and she's paid a hard price.

>> and we know she'll make a good comeback.

>> we know, she was just at the food festival , got a big ovation from the crowd. seems her fans, at least, have moved on from this. this story i love. you reported it earlier this morning. a california couple has dug up about $10 million in gold coins in their backyard. they were out walking their dog around the property, they noticed the top of a decaying canister just kind of peeking out from the ground. turns out it was filled with 19th century u.s. gold coins valued at $10 million.

>> wow.

>> if only.

>> the couple wisely keeping identities and locations secret. they don't want people coming to their yard.

>> specifically, they don't want relatives showing up. it's like, i don't want my cousin from way back in the day.

>> you know, if people know who they are, they're going to walk down have a morning coffee . people with pick axes.

>> oh, yeah. it's true.

>> listen, i was on ebay last night looking for the old --

>> the guy on the beach with the headphones.

>> that's me.

>> it's so funny. how many have you done that where you take out --

>> you have?

>> we were at a beach once and there was a nice couple and my kids were fascinated with what they were doing. and they offered the kids an opportunity to do it. they loved it. except like two hours later, they were pulling up bottle caps . all that work for a rusty bottle cap . are you kidding me?

>> but they found it.

>> they found it.

>> and the coins are in pristine condition. they say probably from the 1800s from a mining crew.

>> i was on with willie earlier, and i said, how do you know the value? do you go into the bank and say, weigh this. how do you know the value?

>> that's right. all that gold. i think it was worth something like $28,000.

>> in the 1890s . but nowadays, yeah, $10 million. there you go.

>> go get it. stinky pete , the prospect.

>> stinky pete .

>> from " toy story "?

>> yeah.

>> there's a snake in my boot!

>> all right. so we're in the toddler business or some of us. we've all been through these tantrums. there's a video of a toddler having a tantrum over an ipad. about two weeks ago, daniel and hope filmed hope's daughter ashlyn having a meltdown over not being allowed to play with her ipad before bed. daniel posted the video to youtube.

>> what do you want?

>> my ipad.

>> did you say ipad?

>> my ipad! my ipad.

>> why do you want your ipad?

>> i want that.

>> she's saying i want to go to bed. that's bedtime.

>> as our executive producer point in ti pointed out this morning, that ain't a meltdown. i'll show you a meltdown.

>> my son, once christmas time , middle of the aisle at target, full-on like fist-pounding, banging his feet on the floor.

>> what did you do?

>> i picked him up, pushed the cart away and said let's go.

>> threw him over your shoulder. walked out.

>> who's that lady running with that kid?

>> he's my kid, i promise.

>> wow.

>> see, that's an overly tired child.

>> exactly.

>> when i first heard, i thought, i'm expecting something spectacular. and that wasn't -- i mean, my kid where they turned into the tazmanian devil .

>> oh.

>> we've got the gold right here. i've got the real gold . forget that stuff in the ground. i've got the gold for in my opinion the champion of hosting right here. i want to crown him the champion. al, how you doing?

>> hi, guys, how you doing? hi, newbie, how are you?

>> how you doing?

>> what's the occasion?

>> well, the occasion is you and i made history, many years ago the wrestle mania one and now i'm back home in the wwe and we're making history again because i'm the official host of " wrestle mania 30" and it's the first live pay per view on the wwe network. and i need some tips from you as far as hosting goes. yeah?

>> what tip could i possibly give the great hulkster?

>> well, we're going to be in the trenches with wwe wrestle mania 30. it's the new network, first pay per view . what do i do, man, in the trenches. what if there's a slow spot? what if the action slows down for a moment?

>> you do what i do, you tear off your shirt. you flex your pecks.

>> flex your pucks.

>> uh-oh.

>> here we are.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> that's how it's done.

>> look at that tan.

>> i've got to tell you, i did not see this coming.

>> really?

>> we want to invite all of you guys to " wrestle mania 30."

>> if you're hosting, maybe willie should take part in a match.

>> oh, that's lovely.

>> willie should put the red and yellow on and go out there and take my place and i could manage him.

>> really.

>> yes!

>> he'd have to take his shirt off. he couldn't have the suit.

>> this could be my role, the lame anchor.

>> the lame anchor.

>> big hair and studio make-up.

>> what could you give him as a wrestling name?

>> his tag would have to be, what you gonna do when willie mania runs wild on you. wild willie .

>> wild willie .

>> wild willie .

>> and don't forget --

>> this is real.

>> you're real. a hulkamaniac. new orleans, april 6th , wwe network, you're coming, right, brother?

>> i'm in. i'm in.

>> we want another one!

>> while you guys flex the puck, i'm going to go over here and check out -- i know, but he said he wanted to flex the puck.