TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

Skating champs take to ice at Rockefeller Center

Fresh from their gold-medal winning performance in Sochi, Olympic ice skating champs Meryl Davis and Charlie White take to the rink in Rockefeller Center.  “It’s been an awesome ride,” says White. The duo don their winning medals. “We never want to take them off,” he says.

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>> good morning.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> are you guys jet lagged? we're all still a little --

>> you know what, our sleep schedule was so odd the last week we were in sochi, we're kind of going with the flow right now.

>> yeah.

>> what's it been like getting home?

>> it's been awesome. it's been a little bit of a ride. we went through moscow and now we're here in new york and doing, you know, lots of fun media. it's been an awesome ride.

>> i was joking about this earlier, but are you going to do the whole routine with the gold medals ?

>> we thought about it because we never want to take them off, but i think for this, for you guys, we'll take them off.

>> and i know i asked you last time i saw you guys, of course, living in the moment , enjoying this time. but we're all thinking, what happens going forward? are you going to get back out there competing and skating right away? or do you take a break?

>> i think we're going to wait until we get home. we're riding on such a high right now, it would be unfair to make any decisions.

>> yeah, the world championships are coming up. we have to decide if we want to do that. but after that, the stars on ice tour, it's 20 shows. that's sort of right now what we're looking forward to.

>> are you going to do any slacking off? going to rest?

>> maybe a little bit.

>> pizza eating?

>> right now we're thinking hawaii.

>> you guys are going to perform for us, a gold-medal winning performance you're giving us. do you want us to hold your gold medals ?