TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

Hair and now: Men getting beard transplants

Baby-faced guys are getting beard transplants through a new procedure gaining popularity in plastic surgeons’ office. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>>> back in november, the men of "today" went shave-free for charity. i've decided to keep mine at least for today. what if you're a guy that struggles to grow a beard.

>> for me, it's easy, this is my 8:30 a.m . shadow. for others, it's not so simple. a new procedure is gaining popularity, facial hair transplants.

>> this season, the hippest new accessory for men, the beard. it's a popular look for any man from the runway to the bayou. but all that facial hair is giving some men beard envy. if you can't grow a beard or wish the one you have is fuller, there's hope for you. facial hair transplant. at up to $8,000 a pop, it's not cheap for your chin, but some won't stop at anything to get that look. with the recent influx of facial hair on the red carpet and areas like brooklyn, the procedure's gaining popularity. but some doctors have been performing it for over a decade.

>> i've been seeing a lot of interest in young guys in their 20s and 30s, guys who look in the arts, living in downtown, living in downtown brooklyn . all seem to be really gearing towards a hipster trend of more facial hair .

>> she does up to six procedures per month.

>> within the past three, four years there's been a tremendous increase in patients coming in every week looking to either fill in patches in their beard or mustache or really just trying to grow a full beard where they had very little.

>> let me take a look at the back of your hand.

>> how does it work?

>> basically we're removing the hairs from the back of the head, cutting them down to individual hairs and placing them delicately into the recipient area.

>> the procedure's almost identical to hair transplant on the scalp. one of the most popular beards requested, actor brad pitt . if next season beards are out, these guys will be lining up for another accessory, a razor.

>> or laser.

>> laser, yeah.

>> well, you do it to be cool, it's the trend, six months later it's not the trend.

>> you're lucky you had that guy's beard about 5:00 in the afternoon.

>> i do.

>> 9:00 a.m .

>> carson, just go like this.

>> wait -- duck dynasty like