TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

Pippa: My bridesmaid dress fit ‘a little too well’

Pippa Middleton jokes about the hip-hugging bridesmaid dress she wore at her sister’s royal wedding after her backside got a little more attention than she expected.

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>>> "what's trending today." you probably don't remember this, but at the royal wedding , pippa middleton wore a dress rather form fitting.

>> i remember very well.

>> oh. probably don't need to show you this video to jog your memory.

>> there it is.

>> there it is. guess what, for the first time, pippa's speaking out about that form-fitting gown and how it changed her life.

>> that's right. at a gala in london on tuesday, she joked, i have found out recognition has an upside and downside you may say a backside, as well. she added, in retrospect fitted a little too well.

>> nothing wrong with that.

>> there you go.

>> history finally put in place