TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

People magazine: We won’t run celeb kids’ pics

After stars like Kristen Bell and Jennifer Garner took to TV and social media to criticize outlets running unauthorized photos of the children of stars, the magazine announced it will no longer run them. TODAY also announced it will do the same.

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>> other subjects. major news from the world of publishing. a top celebrity magazine is taking a big stand. "people" is vowing not to publish paparazzi photos of celebrity kids. the dramatic move was inspired by kristen bell and dax shepard . they have been calling for a boycott of magazines that publish the unauthorized pictures and took on the issue on "today."

>> it's all how the child is affected. that's the bottom line.

>> other stars like halle berry and jennifer garner have also made emotional pleas for privacy.

>> and we will take that same pledge. we will no longer air paparazzi photos of celebrity kids on this program.