TODAY   |  February 26, 2014

Pink posts funny selfie with daughter

In Wednesday’s installment of TODAY’s weeklong “Love Your Selfie” series, the singer sends in a picture she took with her daughter. Send us a selfie with you and your daughter with the hashtag #LoveYourSelfie. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> 7:51. let's see what carson's up to in the orange room . do you love yourself? we love you, too.

>> today we're talking about things your parents passed down and how it affects your body image . let's take a look at our partners, 57% of moms worry about how their body image affects their children. we asked our facebook friends to write in a few things that maybe their mom passed on to them. maria said her mom said make sure the older you get, the more time you take care of yourself inside and out. we're asking you, moms, to take a little love your selfie shot with your daughter. and we got a good one yesterday from our friend pink. there's pink's beautiful daughter willow. pink wrote the "today" show, willow is nothing like me, of course. send us your picture, we'll put it up on the wall. great beautiful moms and daughters. not sure what's going on with the yogurt mask. that's okay. love your selfie, anyway.

>> we're going to continue the discussion. how to help your kids develop a healthier body image .

>>> all right. plus, unexpected help