TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

The Rockettes bring ‘Heart and Lights’ to TODAY

The dance company performs a special musical number from their upcoming spring spectacular, “Hearts and Lights,” live on the TODAY Plaza.

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>>> seeing the world famous rockettes , of course, at christmas time . but now they're kicking off a spring spectacular at radio music hall .

>> the performances run from march 27th through may 4th . and one of the iconic rockettes . good morning, nice to see you.

>> good morning.

>> departure from the christmas show. what's different?

>> well, it's absolutely amazing. you do not want to miss it. it's the story of two cousins working their way throughout new york city to uncover some secrets their grandmother has left behind. and they come across the most amazing things . some iconic new york landmarks that come to life, such as the new york stock exchange . we've also got the new york public library , and we have a 26-foot tall talking and moving statue of liberty and she has no puppet, does it all on her own.

>> and you also have costumes that literally light up.

>> the rockettes are pretty electric, we do it all on our own. we've got 152 l.e.d. lights in these jackets. they're in sync with the choreography and you'll get a sneak peek of that.

>> each costume weighs 600 pounds. you want to get in line there?

>> yes, i do.

>> ladies and gentlemen , the world famous radio city rockettes .

>> it's amazing. just if one of those lights go out, they all go

>>> from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker , natalie morales , willie geist and tamron hall . live from studio