TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

How to dress like Isla Fisher at half the price   

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shows how you can dress like such celebrities as Olivia Palermo, Jamie Chung and Isla Fisher without spending big bucks.

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>>> you see them in magazines and on the red carpet , celebrities wearing the hottest designer styles you wish you could afford.

>> you can. here to show you how to get the looks for list is "today" contributor and contributing editor for "people style watch," jill martin.

>> you said author, right?

>> i didn't.

>> and author.

>> i got to write you a song .

>> this segment is always so popular because you said it everybody wants to look like their favorite celebrities but don't want to pay the big bucks . i'll show you the looks, get inspiration from them. you don't have to copy them, but these are the trends and pick and choose.

>> olivia pallermo, polka dot style.

>> recently engaged, actress. let's bring out nicole.

>> all right.

>> look how great this is. this is the look. this is our look. how similar is this? just the clutch. $1,195 on olivia. our total look, $238.35. you said it, small polka dots once again in. if you see it just in the blouse, $19.95 from h&m. i love this. the belt is $24.50 from benetton. the sandals from macy's.

>> so cute.

>> you could always opt for a sexy back of a shoe.

>> turn around, please, sweetie. so we can see the backs of your shoes.

>> yes.

>> hot.

>> adorable.

>> so --

>> like the gladiator in the back, not the front.

>> that's cute.

>> just the clutch. $1,195.

>> love it.

>> big top .

>> this is tracy. let's bring out tracy. you see this look. look how similar this is. this is just the jacket on jamie from doma, $598. our total look for everything, $180.63. this jacket, $59.70 from go

>> i like that one better.

>> i'm encouraging people. if you're going to buy a new spring jacket, don't opt for black. opt for a color. make it pop.

>> really?

>> the tee is cotton, $7.98 from kmart. the floral skirt, isn't breaking news, floral is in for spring. but more with a pop of color in the floral this year and shoes are $59.95 from shoe dazzle. the total --

>> what is it?

>> $183.63 for the total.

>> last we have ila fisher.

>> my favorite movie, "great gats gatsby ," " wedding crashers ," our total look $216.79.

>> the shoes look just like -- those are amazing.

>> those are from marshall's, $49.99.

>> really? the top.

>> the other thing -- the top is great. $16.80 from kohl's. if you're looking for a skirt, a mini skirt that flares out this is a splurge item from american apparel , $150. they have less expensive versions, but we want to show you whatever your budget is --

>> it is all possible.