TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

Ted Ligety and Mikaela Shiffrin talk post-Sochi plans

The two gold medal Olympic skiers talk about their plans for the future and share what they have been up to recently, including Shiffrin’s recent appearance with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show.”

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>> all right. but first we want to keep that olympic spirit alive. we've got two of team usa 's medal winners with us.

>> that's right, mikaela shiffrin grabbed gold in the slalom and ted ligety dominated the giant slalom for gold, as well. good morning. nice to see you both.

>> good morning.

>> mikaela , has the moment sunk in? is it still a pinch me time for you?

>> it's a total blur. i've been doing this whole thing for five days straight now.

>> you were on jimmy fallon last night on the "tonight show." what was that like? and how are you dealing with the pressure?

>> well, i met reese witherspoon and usher last night on jimmy fallon . and i wasn't able to tweet it before it happened. i was like, oh, my god.

>> yeah. and then i tweeted it after.

>> did you see usher's gold shoes?

>> i didn't even look at his shoes. i was staring at his hat the whole time.

>> is it colder here right now or colder up on the mountain in sochi?

>> it's way, way colder here.

>> crazy.

>> it was like the summer olympics there.

>> this has been an exciting time for you. vancouver didn't go your way. do you feel in a way this gold medal means more to you than the first one?

>> this one definitely means more to me than my first one. the first one, i was so young and, you know, i guess i wasn't in the same position where mikaela is where she was the favorite. it was a surprise medal and this one was a lot harder to get to for sure, especially after vancouver not going the way i wanted to. and being the favorite in the giant slalom was definitely a lot of pressure. so to feel the win, it was an awesome, awesome feeling.

>> ted, as you look at mikaela and seeing someone just getting started, what do you say to somebody like mikaela as she gets on this journey that you have been on?

>> i don't think i have any advice for mikaela . she's dominating so young. it's only, you know, sky's the limit for her. i needed actually advice from her.

>> you go right back to competition.

>> yeah. we have races in sweden on the 6th, 7th dates, something like that. headed back to europe this evening.

>> no rest for the weary, even if you're medal winners. thanks so much for coming by. we really appreciate it.