TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

Does your college roommate impact your life?

A study reveals that, for the most part, roommates have no effect on each other. The TODAY anchors discuss famous college roommates, including actors Robin Williams and Christopher Reeve.

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>> let's move on, shall we? well, how do your college roommates affect what we do? some studies are offering insight for perhaps nervous parents. do you have roommates in college who influenced you? i'm talking in a good way, not at the keg party .

>> i might have been the bad influence on my roommates.

>> well, there are some famous college roommates over the year. tommy lee jones , al gore , roommates at harvard. robin williams and christopher reeve were roommates at julliard. i'm thinking social network , perhaps inspiring creativity.

>> a lot of time together. clearly an influence. but a new study --

>> right.

>> take on their -- the researchers of university of michigan found out for the most part, there is no so-called contagion effect where one roommate influences the behavior of another.

>> forget all that.

>> forget all that. where's your 20 bucks?

>> mine's in the witness protection