TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

Jim Parsons set to make ‘Big Bang’ on ‘SNL’

The Emmy-winning actor joins Matt Lauer to chat about his upcoming debut as a “Saturday Night Live” host. He says “live is fun” and that SNL is a “part of our general lexicon.”

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>>> emmy winning role on " big bang theory ." good morning to you.

>> good to be here.

>> you've been over to the studio yet?

>> yesterday.

>> did you walk down that hall where all the pictures are there?

>> rather intimidating.

>> there it is right there. yeah.

>> every big name in entertainment, music, comedy, on the walls right there.

>> it feels like i am ruining the club that they created. you grow up going that's hollywood royalty. and apparently i was wrong because here i am.

>> you are deserving of the role --

>> you're very kind. thank you.

>> people love you. do you like live?

>> i love live. i really do.

>> we know you best from a sitcom.

>> we taped it live. and while you do get a chance to go over your mistakes there, should you make one, we are doing it live. i love theater. i've done theater all my life. not that it's like theater, it's different. but live is fun.

>> you mentioned you grew up watching this. favorite characters or sketches?

>> well, all through the ages, there were ones that stuck with me, like anything from -- i was very young. the first thing i really remember was gumby with eddie murphy . and i was a big fan of rosana dana.

>> and later on i was a big mike myers fan.

>> you're a student of the show.

>> i don't see how you can be living in america and not be a student of the show. it's part of our general lexicon here, isn't it?

>> we've grown up with it. i want to talk about your day job for a second.

>> okay.

>> so successful in getting into this character who has trouble relating to a lot of other people.

>> yes.

>> how hard is that?

>> surprisingly easy.

>> is it really?

>> well, look, i think the writing's really good and i think there's an undeniably part of myself that understands what it's like to feel outsider-y. probably everybody does and that's part of the reason the show's successful. but if you're willing to kind of access that and tap into that, it's not hard at all to feel like no one understands me. you know what i mean ?

>> felt that way every time i talk to my kids.

>> every morning.

>> i'm going to end with three quick "snl" trivia questions.

>> okay.

>> question number one, who holds the record for the most time hosting saturday night live?

>> alec baldwin .

>> it is, isn't it?

>> way to go. what's the name of the saturday night live announcer?

>> don pardo .

>> whoa. question number three, who is not a member of the five-timers club? in terms of hosting. justin timberlake , conan o'brien, candice bergen .

>> this is hard. i feel like justin couldn't have done it. i'm going to say justin. i'm wrong.

>> but you leave with beautiful parting gifts.

>> your tie.

>> it's conan o'brien.

>> good luck.

>> thank you.

>> what a pleasure to finally meet you after all these years. and you can see jim's snl hosting debut saturday 11:30 / 10:30 central right here on