TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

TODAY celebrates beauty at every age

In honor of TODAY’s #LoveYourSelfie week, send us your most fabulous selfies using the hashtag. Carson Daly reports from the Orange Room.

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>>> 7:51 now on a tuesday morning. always at fun time in the morning to find out what has people's attention over -- oh, you're doing a selfie?

>> hold on. i'm learning to love my selfie. it is love your selfie, day two at the "today" show. we're talking about age. take a look at our "today" show/aol poll. and 27 is the age we feel best about our bodies, 34 is the age we feel most successful. today's really about owning your age. here we are owning it right there. we've asked you to go to twitter and facebook and do the same thing, take a selfie, attach your age, send it to us and you did that. and here's what we've built for you. a little scale of loving your selfie. all the way down to 110 and everything in between. look how beautiful everybody is. owning themselves and loving themselves. so you can keep sending your pictures to us, #loveyourselfie. back to you guys.

>> that's the weirdest orange room hit you've ever done.

>> i'm selling it.