TODAY   |  February 25, 2014

Businesses to Arizona governor: Veto anti-gay bill

Business owners are joining Arizona lawmakers this morning, calling on Arizona’s governor to veto a bill that would let businesses turn away gay customers based on religious beliefs. NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell reports.

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>>> now the other headlines of the morning, including a controversial bill in arizona. big decision for the governor.

>> very controversial. the business community is joining lawmakers this morning in the opposition to this bill. it would allow business owners based on their religious beliefs to deny service to gays and lesbians . kelly o'donnell's in washington with the latest on this. kelly , good morning.

>> good morning, natalie. a wave of protest and pressure is building on jan brewer from the republican establishment and the business community to veto this bill that is widely criticized as anti-gay. both republican senators, john mccain and jeff flake took to twitter saying i hope governor brewer will veto 1062 . business leaders from american airlines , apple and arizona's super bowl host committee for next year's big game . now, that group said the measure would, quote, deal a significant blow to the state's economic growth potential. now, this bill was originally passed by republican state lawmakers who said their intention was to provide religious freedom protection to businesses by permitting them to refuse service to gays, for example, if they believe that would violate their own religious freedoms. governor brewer was here in d.c., she's returning home and says she will hear from citizens before making her decision. the deadline is this weekend if she plans to block this new law. natalie?

>> kelly o'donnell in washington, thanks so much, kelly .